What are the Steps to Develop Mobile Apps for E-commerce?

Ecommerce has become widespread across the world with many new applications and implementations.

At the same time, purchasing products via mobile applications has been a great trend in the last few years.

Now, we can observe the maximum traffic on eCommerce sites is coming via Smartphones.

Considering the statistics of eCommerce website development, the experts show that more than 70% of users prefer to use mobile applications while online purchasing.

When you want to develop an eCommerce mobile application you may face many complexities because it is a time-consuming process but you can approach the mobile app development company for better results.

on the other hand, you have to spend a large amount of money to get a highly effective application.

So, planning for an ecommerce app development you should consider the following given factors and steps that are necessary beforehand.

We are having an entire study of eCommerce app development steps for an online business:

Basic requirements

Before creating a mobile application for an e-commerce business you need to understand some basic requirements that are discussed here-

1. Speed

First, you should analyze the performance speed of the application. You have to check how fast the app is working and responding to the user’s request swiftly.

If you find any related problem you must reduce the delay time to the least to give the best possible user experience.

2. Stability

An e-commerce application should be stable. Of course, it is tough to make such an application without any mistakes but you can improve it by testing from time to time, getting feedback from clients, examining the error files, and bug fixing so that you can make your application more stable.

3. Easy to Use

You have to be sure that your application is easy to use and that visitors do not face problems following any guides and elements.

Besides, a user should not feel worse while spending hours using the application so all things must be simple and clear.

To make the app more flexible and attractive you should remove unnecessary information and elements.

4. Security System

Security is the most important factor for clients as they spend a large amount of their money to get an adequate level of the security system.

A low level of protection can affect the application’s functionality and reputation as well. So, you have to provide a better quality of security on the eCommerce application.

Important Steps to eCommerce Application Development

1. Design Layouts

You should design the smallest display to drive the app efficiently. Mobile apps do not work like websites where plenty of space to show all the information such as big content, images, and videos.

In a mobile application, you can utilize menus; and buttons placed properly that boost the app look better.

Moreover, you can use an attractive color combination that tends users and customers to tap on those buttons & menus.

Besides, you need to use the clear back button on each display, otherwise, the user cannot find your apps properly means the user will be locked on the screen and will remove the app from mobile.

2. Navigation

The most important part is the home screen on any ecommerce application and this is a complete roadmap of the application.

The home screen attracts more users and customers to another screen. But as it is said that the mobile phone is a small device to display the complete information so you need to do some extra things for a better experience.

You should avoid the vertical and horizontal navigation system and use minimal content but you must store complete information so that users can stay on the application.

3. Show Products& information properly

Product screen is most considered part of eCommerce development in front of customers. So you have to design and show the complete product information in a manner.

You have to understand the strategy that users and customers search for an attractive image of a product, minimal size of information, product reviews& feedback, etc.

So, entirely proper and social product information provides a clear description of the product and increases the number of customers via mobile.

4. Product Categorization

Mostly it is observed that the eCommerce mobile applications are not managed in an organized category section and as a result, those apps get bad reviews.

The main reason behind it is that if a user has an e-commerce application and wants to buy a product then he will navigate the product but couldn’t find the product from the navigating category section. As a result, customers will simply leave the application and remove it from the mobile.

So, product categorization plays an important role in eCommerce apps and you must work properly for designing this part simply.

5. Payment Gateway Integration

This is also an important feature of an eCommerce mobile application. A payment gateway is known as an interface of the payment system.

This is an intermediate that provides a security system for the customers to your payment system.

So you should integrate a protected payment system that supports a third-party SDK of payment gateway provider in your eCommerce application.

6. Add Analytics

Implementing Analytics in your eCommerce application is a good idea because it is essential for any type of eCommerce application.

Google Analytics helps you in getting all important information like the checkout funnel, navigation, etc.

Also, you can sort out any issues and fix them using analytics so adding this feature is also an imperative step while creating an eCommerce mobile app.

In addition to the above-discussed steps, you can add many more things to the application to craft it more efficiently and strikingly.

You can utilize the given extra aspects too in eCommerce mobile app development:

  1. You can integrate cloud computing systems in mobile app development.
  2. Add Chatbots feature for facilitating customers to make easy communication.
  3. You also can include AR and VR technology in the mobile app; it will show your product more clearly to the customers.
  4. Integrate Geofencing technology that helps in location-based marketing.
  5. Add easy checkout features to make customers more flexible for visiting your application.


If you want to develop an eCommerce mobile application you can follow the above-discussed steps.

In addition, you can seek other important information that is available on the Internet to build a robust application or you can look at many mobile app developers or hire eCommerce developers to get an appropriate strategy for manufacturing both types of Android and iOS applications.

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