Steps to Handle an Illegal Workplace Discrimination

Work can be a stressful place, regardless of what goes down within the office. The last thing you want to find yourself dealing with is workplace discrimination. The first question to ask is what constitutes workplace discrimination. Workplace and employment discrimination is one where the person is insulted based on their race, gender, religion, physical or mental abilities, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity. If you find yourself a constant target in the office due to one of the listed issues, you are being discriminated against.

Once you have determined what is happening, there are a few steps you must follow for legal proceedings to follow. Here are some steps on how to handle workplace discrimination.

Document Everything

The first step towards reporting workplace harassment and stopping it is to document any cases that happen within the office. If there are any situations where you find someone speaking ill of you, grab a journal, write down the comments, and date them. Keep a running log going that you can present to your boss and your lawyer so that they can see hard evidence of what has been happening.

Video and audio recordings work even better as there is clear evidence of the accused committing the act. Documentation is extremely important in these cases and is needed in any case, regardless of the state or city you are in.

From New York City to Nashville, you have to document your findings and report them when you have collected enough evidence. In order to stop harassment, you first have to prove it has been happening, according to this workplace harassment lawyer in Nashville, and therefore you must have irrefutable evidence of what is happening. You should never feel powerless at work, and you should never be forced to work under such terrible conditions. Start documenting everything so that you can quickly reach a conclusion about the abuse.

Hire an Attorney

If workplace discrimination is escalating, it might be time to get an attorney involved for your safety. Some people think that this is their battle to fight and that hiring an attorney to help is an act of cowardice. This is far from the truth, as an attorney will ensure that you are well represented and that you can return to work in a proper manner. Along with representing you during your court case, an attorney will also help to provide legal advice and help you along the way as well.

They will help with the documentation period and will help organize any evidence that you have provided and compile it into a compelling case that can be presented to the courts. Remember that making a workplace discrimination claim is a big deal, and the accused will be looking to defend themselves as well and therefore will seek their attorney.

Don’t be stuck fighting a battle in which you are outmatched legally. Hire an attorney and get the peace of mind you need to know that you are going to be well represented in court.

Contact Your Employer

Finally, once you have followed the first two steps, it is time to contact your boss at the discretion of your attorney. The important thing about collecting this evidence before contacting them is that they can see it is an ongoing case that has been happening for some time. Within the office, a boss is legally obligated to inform an employee when there is a case involving them, therefore they will know what is happening. If you do this before you have any evidence, the problem will likely not subside as they will be more secretive about how they attack you.

Sure, the problem might subside, but are you completely comfortable continuing to work with that person? This is why it is important that you contact your employer only after you have done the first two steps. From there, an investigation will open and with the evidence you have collected, there is no question that it will go in your favor.

Do not do anything behind the employer’s back regarding the case as well, as they feel you might be circumventing the systems that they have in place. Once you have gathered enough evidence and have an attorney ready, make sure to contact your employer to take the case to the next step.

Workplace discrimination is an unfortunate reality in our society. Luckily, there are many different systems and outlets put in place to help and guide you when you find yourself the victim of it. Always remember to document everything and don’t be afraid to get an attorney involved that will allow you to guarantee your safety.

At the end of the day, this is your career, and it is important that you are not bullied out of it by someone else. With these tools, you should be able to confront any discrimination case as best as possible.

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