Stop Burglars From Breaking In When You Aren’t Home

The consequences of a burglary go beyond property damage, missing items and wasted money — you and your family members will no longer feel safe and calm in your own home. You can rest easy every time you leave the front steps if you listen to these savvy tips to secure your home from forced entries.

The first step to safeguarding your house is to check the spots where a burglar could enter and upgrade them if they are not secure. If you have entry doors that are old or weak, you should get upgrades from Golden Windows, a trusted door company in London. They offer a wide selection of London doors made of durable panel materials like steel and fiberglass. If you’re worried about your windows being vulnerable spots, you can also get smart replacements from this company — check out these window options available with multi-point locking systems to thwart people trying to sneak their way inside. After getting your necessary upgrades, you can make your entrances completely impenetrable by installing additional theft-proof solutions like alarm systems, sensors, deadbolts and foot-bolts for sliding patio doors.


Once you bulk up the security on the entrances, you can use some extra tricks to scare unsavory types away. Add a beware of dog sign on the gate of your front yard to give people the impression that there is a snarling Doberman lurking behind the door. If you have a trip to a lakeside cottage or a week-long getaway to a tropical island coming up, you need to follow easy ways to deter burglars while you’re on vacation like installing timers on your lights and music players to give the impression that you are at home. Pay one of your neighbors to collect your mail and put out your containers on garbage day to make your house look like it’s still occupied.


The best way to prevent your house from being broken into or your valuables from being stolen is to think like a criminal and plan for things burglars don’t want you to know about, like how they scope out the weak spots of a property and how they can tell that the house is empty. Thieves will scan your home to see if they can quickly make their way inside, sometimes by pretending to be delivery people, inspectors or professionals sent to do repairs. They will use this as an opportunity to take a look indoors, spot expensive items, check for alarm systems and look at escape routes. When a stranger arrives at your doorstep, talk to them on the front porch and do not invite them inside.


There is always a risk that someone will take advantage of your confidence or comfort. In this case, burglars can see when you leave house keys under flower pots or refuse to lock the door when you go for a jog, and use that as an opportunity to break-in. Taking these simple precautions will make sure that they don’t see an opening to enter your space and upset your life.

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