Storage Ideas: 9 Clever Tips to Maximize Your Small Bedroom’s Space

If you own a bedroom with a small space and think that you cannot do anything to maximize it, you are wrong. There are several clever ways to use the areas in your room and optimize it. From your room’s bed, and desk, to shelves, these following smart ways will surely turn your space into a bigger one.

Invest in layered Shelving

Installing layered bedroom storage shelves helps you maximize your bedroom’s space. You can install it in a wall, or build a row stretch along your room’s perimeter. You can primarily use the layered shelves for your books, sandals, accessories, and other light belongings.

Opt For Storage Baskets

Baskets are one of the hidden treasures inside your room, especially when you opt for decorative storage baskets that will surely add pleasing and warm aesthetics to the entire space. Whether it is metal, woven, handled, or lined, they will surely give you numerous benefits.

Use Your Old Water Containers

If you have some old and unused water storage containers, you can make them your DIY storage for essentials like pens, clips, tapes, notebooks, and such. Containers will help you organize the cluttered things found in your bedroom. Just a little paint, and creativity, and you are all set.

Display Your Clothes In A Clothing Rack

Aside from making your clothes more organized, a clothing rack allows you to display your clothes at all times. Thus, it is effortless for you to decide which clothes you are going to wear for a day, and which clothes you have to toss.

Use A Storage Bed

This is one of the storage tricks you should opt for when you own a small bedroom space. There are numerous storage beds with drawers available in the market. Opt for this investment as you can it for your files, movie collection tapes, accessories, or clothes.

Use Your  Old Suitcases As A Nightstand

Besides giving you a vintage effect, your old suitcases can be used as your nightstand and serve as your comfortable storage for the belongings you don’t usually use every day. The best thing about this storage trick is you do not have to build or construct it. You just have to orderly stack and store it, and your bedroom’s storage is all set.

Hang A Cork Wall As Your Jewelry

It may not be the most elegant element inside your bedroom, but once you make it your jewelry storage collection, its entire aesthetics will change into a glamorous one. Its whole frame will surely highlight the beauty and elegance of your jewelry.

Add Some Floating Shelves

Adding a few floating shelves in your bedroom is one of the clever storage solutions. It can visually expand your room’s space by freeing some areas on your floor. They also allow the light to flow inside your space naturally.

Install A Pegboard Organizer

A pegboard organizer is a clever storage solution for your photos, bags, tools, watches, and other accessories. Using a few screws, and paint, you can make your DIY pegboard organizer and put it anywhere you want.


The bedroom is a reflection of someone’s identity. People would describe you based on what they have observed in your bedroom. Dark, gloomy, or luminous, your bedroom always reflects how you live your life.

If you have some trouble settling your entire bedroom because of the tiny space, the tips mentioned above will help you organize and maximize it. From layered shelving, storage baskets, containers, and a clothing rack, to a pegboard organizer, the useful things mentioned will give you a better self-reflection.

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