Strategies for Reaching the Endgame Levels in Diablo II Resurrected

The final few levels in Diablo II: Resurrected are some of the most difficult in the game, and completing them can take a significant amount of time. However, using what we’ve learned from the first season of the Ladder, we’ve put together a guide to end-game play strategies that can help you make the most of the experience you gain through the use of specialized group techniques.

In addition, there are some peculiarities surrounding leveling in D2:R that you need to be aware of if you want your endgame leveling strategies to be as effective as they possibly can be.

Classes that are only allowed into the end-game meta for Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder Season 1 are those that can deal massive amounts of damage and have an efficient D2R farm speed. These requirements are listed for end-game high level pushes; day 1 ladder launch and early game meats may differ from these requirements. The requirements to be in the end-game meta are as follows:

  • Extremely potent damage dealt by the Boss
  • High Capacity for Survival and Effective Management of the Crowd
  • Diablo II: Resurrected features a High-Level, Organized Gameplay Mode

The following is an example of what a very high level organized ladder gameplay would look like at level 97 and above:

There are now 8 people playing the game

In addition, when the game begins, one player travels to the River of Flame Act 4 Waypoint and immediately begins removing enemies from the Chaos Sanctuary. This position is also referred to as the Chaosrunner or CSer.

This role’s objective is to destroy Chaos Sanctuary and bring forth Diablo as quickly as humanly possible. At level 98, Diablo is one of the three monsters that provide a decent experience (for level 98, approximately 54k XP at P7 and P8) along with Nihlathak (approximately 24k XP for level 98), and Baal.

Each of these three monsters can be found at P7 and P8. Hammerdin was the class that dominated the CS meta during the classic era, and it continues to be the most popular choice for players on Chaos Sanctuary. However, Javazons with Charged Strike or Lightning Fury and Barbarians with Berserker are also viable options for the CSer role.

While the Teleporter travels to the throne room, the CSer will farm all of the seal boss experience on their own, and all Players 8 will receive increased experience from monsters. When all of the seals have been broken, the CSer will type Diablo or D in the chat (more organized teams will naturally use voice chat programs, so they won’t type), and this will send a signal to the other two high-level characters to begin traveling to the Chaos Sanctuary.

After that, the CSer will open a Town Portal around the Star, which is located in the center of the Chaos Sanctuary.

As soon as they saw the Diablo message in the chat, the two highest-level players who had previously assisted with the throne clear began moving to the Chaos Sanctuary. After reaching the Pandemonium Fortress via the Waypoint, the party uses the CSers’ TP to cut down on the amount of time spent traveling and instead goes straight to the Star in CS. They then proceed to kill Diablo and gain experience leveling up.

After defeating Diablo, the three highest level players have two options: they can either go back to Pandemonium Fortress and speak to Tyrael, then travel back to Harrogath (doing so saves time because you will spawn near the Town Portal, which will directly take you into the Throne), or they can take the Halls of Pain waypoint from Pandemonium Fortress and proceed to kill and share the experience with Nihlathak.

After Nihlathak has been killed, they will have access to the throne portal and will be able to teleport there.

After killing Baal and starting a new game, the entire cycle will begin again from the beginning. The name “Cbaal” refers to a specific type of farming strategy, which was created by combining the words “Chaos” and “Baal.”

The party/experience limitation is another element that contributes to the formation of the meta. The aforementioned approach was developed primarily to overcome this limitation.

Because of this, in a game with eight players, there is no difference in the amount of experience gained by five players who farm Baal Throne waves as opposed to eight players who share Throne experience. This is because all monsters in the game provide the same amount of experience.

A player who is designated to run Chaos Sanctuary and farm seal boss experience alone while another group instead farms experience in the Baal Throne is called a CSer. This is the primary reason why there is a CSer.

The Players 8 Baal Throne Wave 2 experience bug is another reason why players are being separated into different zones in this instance. When a party has eight players, and all of those eight players are in the throne zone, the second wave will bug and provide an extremely small amount of experience, if any at all.

To fix this bug, if there are eight players in the throne room, one of them will need to leave the party and give up their XP so that the other seven players can level up faster. Because a CSer will typically be found at the Chaos Sanctuary rather than in the Throne Room, the presence of a CSer will automatically prevent the occurrence of this bug.

Strategy for Raising Your Diablo Party’s Level in Diablo II: Resurrected

1. Because there is a cap on the total amount of experience that can be gained, the Diablo Party (DP for short) can only consist of a maximum of three players

2. As a result, the Diablo Party is composed of the three players with the highest level, including the CSer

3. It’s possible that teams will decide to give increased experience to only one or two players during certain games.

In a scenario with three players, killing P8 Diablo at level 98 results in approximately 35,000 experience points for each player. When two players of level 98 work together to kill a P8 Diablo, they will each receive approximately 43 thousand experience points for their efforts.

If a player reaches level 98 and kills either the P7 or P8 version of Diablo, that player receives approximately 54,000 experience points. Both Nihlathak and Baal are subject to the same line of reasoning. Experience gained from monsters in the Baal Throne is extremely valuable for any player with a level lower than 97.

Therefore, players with a level lower than 97 should not worry about killing Diablo or Nihlathak because gaining experience through the Throne more quickly is much more beneficial for them. When all five throne waves are added together, the total amount of experience that a player at level 98 will gain is approximately only 11,000 experience.

This is because the monster level is lower than the player level, which is currently 98. As a consequence of this, players at level 98 can only receive satisfactory experience from Diablo, Nihlathak, and Baal.

The Strategy of Chaining Diablo

One fresh tactic centers entirely on the process of farming P8 Diablo through the brutal damage dealt by bosses. This strategy, if correctly applied after level 97, is currently the quickest way to farm boss experience and reach level 99.

To kill P7 Diablo (Diablo XP is capped at P7 for solo kills), all you need to do is use the friend’s lobby tab and accept game invites from three or more different teams. This is the only thing you need to do from the perspective of a level 99 candidate.

This tactic is ideal for boss-killing specialists like Lightning Fury and Charged Strike Amazons, as their abilities lend themselves particularly well to the task. If everything goes according to plan, a level 99 candidate should be able to take down more than four or five P7 Diablos in a single minute.

Having more than 24 players helping out also helps increase the body count. A level 99 candidate can farm 270k or more experience per minute without using any XP shrines, given that a single P7 Diablo grants 54k experience at level 98.

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