Strength Training for Fat Loss: The Ultimate Way to Lose Weight Fast

When it comes to losing weight one thing that is always underestimated is ‘strength training’. Do you struggle with losing weight? Then you just hit the right place, in this article, you’ll know every aspect of how adding strength training for fat loss will help you to achieve your dream body, how to include it in your weight loss plan, and also some tips on weight loss.

Strength training is a type of physical exercise that includes resistance or weight to induce muscle contraction, which helps in increasing strength, high metabolic rate, losing fat, and muscle building.

Most people think that cardio and dieting are great ways to lose fat. Yes! It is, but strength training exercises with these will boost the process of weight loss even faster. Cardio helps in shrinking the body by burning fat, but it also reduces the muscles of the body. Thus, many just try to focus on cardio, but they don’t know that by losing fat they are also losing precious muscles from their body. The aim should always be to lose fat not the muscle mass of the body.

The muscle tissues are an important part of the body, losing muscle mass or low muscle in the body can lead to many health problems like lack of stamina, body pain, weakness, etc.

Generally, after the age of 30, the body starts losing muscles slowly. That is why the activeness decreases with the increase in age. To prevent this and maintain balance and strength, resistance training or strength training is a must, as it builds lean muscle mass and improves stamina.

How Strength Training Helps in Losing Weight

The good thing about high repetition weight training is that it elevates the metabolic rate for a long period even after the workout. Studies suggest that a well-designed strength training program can increase your metabolic rate up to 38 hours after the workout.

You should also know that the higher the metabolic rate the more fat you’ll burn from your body. When you include strength training for fat loss, your body continues to lose fat long after the exercise, even if you are at rest.

Whereas, in the case of cardio, once you stop doing it, the body stops burning calories. Thus, you lose fat only during the time of the exercise. It is not advised that you should eliminate cardio. It is specially designed to lose weight, but with a proper diet and including strength workouts in your plan you can increase the pace much faster. Even popular bodybuilders include cardio and mini-circuit exercises in their cutting phase when they prepare for their competitions to maintain fat percentage to a minimum in their bodies.

Strength Training Helps In Building Lean Muscle

As explained earlier, loss of muscle mass can lead to many health issues, and after a certain age, the body starts losing muscle mass slowly.

It is also normal to lose muscle and fat in cardio, and low muscle in the body leads to low metabolic rate, which can lead to depositing even more fat. So, to counteract this you should include strength training for weight loss.

What you do in strength training is, when you lift weight your muscles get overloaded and get torn at the microscopic level, and when you maintain a protein-rich diet the muscle repairs and builds up stronger and increases in size.

More Muscles Helps Lose More Fat

First of all, you should know the difference between muscle tissue and fat tissue. Muscle tissue is the major machinery of the body. It is included in every activity of the body. Whereas, fat is just the energy stored in the body, which is used when the body’s energy requirement is not fulfilled by the food intake. A low amount of fat in the body is good, but when it increases to a high level, can lead to certain health issues like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels.

It is true that the more muscles you have the more fat you’ll burn. Muscles are a little expensive tissue. It requires more energy to work as compared to fat tissues. Thus, the more muscles you have the more calories you’ll burn.

Having more muscles also increases the metabolic rate. The metabolic demand of a pound of muscle is greater than a pound of fat. Even muscles help your body look more in shape and symmetric.

In the case of strength training, when you tear your muscles by lifting weights, it repairs itself and burns, even more, calories even when you are at rest.

There is often a misconception among people that ‘more muscles will make me bulky’. No, it’s not like that, getting a bulky masculine body needs an extreme and advanced level of training and a monster diet plan.

Some Tips on How to Lose Fat with Strength Training

A perfect weight loss plan should include both cardio and strength exercise, supported by a proper diet plan. Following are some points which you should mind in your plan:

Controlling your diet

Diet is the key to transforming your body. When it comes to weight loss, you have to be serious with ‘what you eat’. A major mistake that many people make is, that to lose weight they start skipping meals. This is the worst thing and can alter the process. When the body does not get intake in a proper interval of time, it starts depositing, even more, fat in the body.


What the right thing should be is you should ‘eat frequently’. Many studies recommend eating five to eight healthy small meals a day. This helps in elevating the metabolic rate of the body.

Include weight training for three to five days a week

Adding strength training to your weight loss routine helps you lose fat even faster. Try to include weight training three to five days a week. Take some gaps in between, so that your muscles get some time to repair. Try to do weight training first before your cardio exercise, so that you maintain stamina.


Cardio is the ultimate fat loss workout. It increases the blood flow and metabolic rate in the body. This increased blood flow helps nutrient delivery to the muscles and helps fat recovery and growth of lean muscle mass.

Keep your mind calm

Mind very much affects your body, if you can’t control your mind it can damage yourself, both physically and mentally.

The brain stimulates certain hormones, which help run your body process. When you stress your brain releases cortisol, which leads to a halt in your fat loss regimen and can increase more fat in the body.

You can add supplementation

This thing can let you give results even faster. Some of the best top weight loss supplements on the market today are:

  • QuadraLean (RSP Nutrition)

These are some best and trusted weight loss supplements. Which you can include in your weight loss plan and see more fast results.


Losing that stubborn fat from your body is a little hard and takes some time. But it can be done through proper training and diet. The main motive of this article is to let you know how strength training can help you lose fat get you in shape and let you achieve your dream body.

Let me know your questions and suggestions in the comment box below.

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