Struggling To Get Help Detoxifying Your Body? Here’s How

We are living in a toxic world. We are exposed to hundreds of chemicals daily in the air we breathe, the food we eat and drink, and the substances that we are exposed to. This gradual buildup of toxins in our bodies contributes to chronic inflammation, illness, and weight gain

We are living in a toxic world. We are exposed to hundreds of chemicals daily in the air we breathe, the food we eat and drink, and the substances that we are exposed to. This gradual buildup of toxins in our bodies contributes to chronic inflammation, illness, and weight gain. We feel sluggish, tired, and grumpy as our stressed and overtaxed systems struggle to right themselves once more and find the right balance.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to detoxify your body, the fact of the matter is that regular periods of cleansing and detoxifying are essential for good health and longevity. With all of the supplements, methods, and fad protocols claiming to clean out the body, it can be overwhelming to begin the process of detoxing. Here are some solid tips on detoxifying the body that nearly anyone can do:

How does detoxification work?

Most detoxification processes begin in your liver. It converts toxins from chemicals, impurities, and food that you ingest into highly volatile metabolites that can exit the body. Your kidneys, lungs, and digestive tract also play a role in detoxification; keeping these systems in good health will help to facilitate this process.

Effective detoxification methods include reducing or eliminating toxic load while at the same time providing your body with proper nutrition and healing methods that allow it to cleanse optimally.

Ways to support natural detoxification

In order to support your body’s natural detoxification processes, make these habits a priority daily and undergo a more comprehensive detox plan at least once a year. Following these tips for detoxing will get you looking and feeling better in time; consistency is key to creating good health that will last a lifetime:

1. Eat good food

A diet rich in whole foods, fruits, vegetables, healing spices like garlic and turmeric will assist your body in using various pathways to cleanse itself naturally. When paired with good lean protein and quality fats, your body becomes an efficient machine that is adept at using the fuel it is given to assist with detoxification.

2. Establish good gut health

Good gastrointestinal health will make or break your efforts to detox. Removing obstacles that upset the normal balance of bacteria and establishing a solid foundation on which to build a healthy colon will do wonders for you and your attempts to effectively cleanse.

3. Reduce your body’s inflammatory response

An overly toxic system contributes to chronic conditions and inflammation, the number one cause of chronic fatigue in many Americans. Taking a good hard look at your nutrition plan and making attempts to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods such as wild-caught fish, greens, flaxseed, and omega 3 fatty acids will reduce the body’s inflammatory response and promote better health.

4. Strengthen the immune system

Activities, like eating well, getting enough sleep, being balanced with physical activity, taking supplements that support your immune system, and practicing good hygiene, are all ways to help support and improve the health of your immune system. A healthy immune system aids in the detoxification process by eliminating toxins efficiently before the buildup makes you susceptible to illness.

5. Supplement your natural detox programs at least twice a year

Your cells are constantly detoxifying, but sometimes it is appropriate to give them an additional boost along the way. Taking supplements will help you to reduce and eliminate infections and parasitic infestations that may be present in the body. According to Dr. Todd Watts from Microbe Formulas, some symptoms of a parasite infection include rashes, teeth grinding, brain fog, aches and pains in your joints and muscles, fatigue, anxiety, and weight loss. Being aware of the signals your body is sending you, as well as looking for these signs of excess toxicity in your body will allow you to begin a detoxification protocol before you enter a healing crisis. Regular attention to cleansing the body and reducing incidents of infection and infestation will help you to feel better almost immediately.

6. Minimize exposure to toxins

You may be thinking, “now how is this possible in today’s world? How can I reduce my exposure to toxins?”. It is possible to make some small changes in your home and in your personal care routine to reduce the number of toxins you are susceptible to. Making changes to household cleaners, water filters, and even personal care products by replacing them with more natural products will help you to improve not only your health but the health of your entire home.

7. Detox with water

Water is an elixir of life; hydration keeps your cellular processes clean and efficient, allowing your body to perform the many functions associated with detoxification. In the last half, your body weight in ounces daily is recommended for the best results.

8. Move that body!

Exercise helps you to eliminate toxins and burn fat deposits more efficiently; since we know that toxins are stored in fat cells, you are doing yourself a valuable service by reducing your body fat percentage as part of a detoxification program. The best recipe for success varies by individual, but in general, cardiovascular activities that are interspersed with some weight-bearing and flexibility exercises provide a well rounded fitness program to work all parts of the body.

Detox with water

9. Never underestimate sleep

The power of a good night’s sleep is incredibly profound. The glymphatic process, a process that is triggered in the brain to amp up detoxification efforts, is activated only at night, and while you are in your deepest sleep. Insufficient or broken sleep patterns cause you to subdue this detoxification switch, impairing your efforts to effortlessly cleanse while you sleep. 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep is recommended per night for most adults, with more required for those who have chronic health conditions.

10. Emphasize whole body wellness

Detoxifying the body is only part of the program; for someone to be truly well, emotional, mental, and even spiritual detoxification processes must be implemented. Doing what you can to eliminate your stress and provide experiences for yourself that feed your soul will help speed the whole cleansing process along. People who are suffering from mental health issues or emotional distress must prioritize self-care to rid the body of toxic patterns and emotions that can also cause stress and toxin buildup within the physical body. Whole-body wellness is essential to improve your quality of life.

Your detox journey awaits you, and what an exciting process you are about to embark upon! Through your process of cleansing, a return to self-care, and a commitment to yourself and your health, you will realize your potential, improve your health, and you’ll find youth and vitality that you once thought was lost forever. Look forward to the marvelous changes that await you, and embrace every part of your experience with gratitude for the wonder that your body holds. You deserve it!

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