Students Get Employed: 5 Jobs to Earn Additional Money If You Are at College

Our parents’ and grandparents’ generation would be surprised if they were to work while getting their degrees. Education was a privilege, so if anybody had a chance to study, they used this opportunity to the fullest.

However, today, working while studying is a must because prospective employers will judge former students by their knowledge, soft skills, and ability to manage time, among other things.

Students’ part-time employment as sales assistants, personal assistants, and front-desk managers is highly encouraged because while working, they have a chance to develop the skills they need for their future careers.

Since combining work and studies is a difficult task, many students find it hard to comply with their business and family obligations while demonstrating good results at college. They often use essay writing services with the hope of getting their essays done on time. Luckily, there are many trustworthy and reliable platforms that chose their mission to help students.

At the same time, to ease their burden, students may think of an alternative source of income. Thanks to the Internet and all modern gadgets, today, learners have an opportunity to follow their dreams as well as work from home while getting paid.

Here are the top 5 ways to earn additional money while being a college student:

Freelance Writer

Many students who are good at writing and know academic requirements try to earn some extra money from home. They often become freelance writers who help well-established or new digests to present news in a way that would target their peers.

Apart from that, there are many online services seeking content writers or typists that offer a competitive salary and flexible working hours.


You can apply your academic knowledge to help peers with their studies. Also, you can help local kids with their school assignments if your major is Math or English, for example. It will not take much of your time if you spend two hours per day working with a client but will definitely ensure that you have some cash to cover your needs.

One can also organize people in groups and teach them things that are hobbies. For example, some people would gladly listen to lectures on professional photography or book writing. You can easily turn your passion into a new source of income.

Dog Walker or Caregiver

Such occupations are getting more popular in big cities because dog owners have less time to spend with their pets. Thus, they hire some young people online to make sure their pet friends have enough care and fun. One can walk up to four dogs at a time which can actually bring some good extra money.

If you do not like pets, you can try a more complicated task. Ask around, maybe your neighbors seek a babysitter.

Blogger or YouTube Channel Owner

You can turn your hobby into a profit by sharing your inspiration with people. You can start your own blog for free and grow it into a website, earning from affiliate marketing. All you need is to find your niche, prepare interesting content, and enjoy what you do.

People will feel it and love it. The same applies to the YouTube channel. If you are good at shooting small videos or public speaking, you can try your luck with YouTube. Maybe this is the choice just for you.

Uber Driver

If you have a car and you are fond of driving, Uber may be just what you need. You can schedule your workday the way you find fit because you are the one who changes the status from “Active” to “Inactive.”

As a driver, you will need to make sure that your passengers are safe and that your car meets their expectations for a comfortable and quick drive. If you can do it, you can earn up to $100 per a couple of hours which is really good for a college student.

Students Get Employed

Final Words

If you really seek opportunities to earn extra while gaining useful skills, better consider several occupations. Some of them will allow you to use what you have learned at college so far.

Others can make you spend time doing what you like. You can follow your dream and passion and make it so contagious that other people will follow you.

Actually, the Internet offers lots of opportunities for young people, and you should take advantage of them. Do not hesitate: you never know what skills you will need in your professional career.


  1. A report writing presents factual information which is based on research or an investigation. It forms the basis for making decisions and problem solving, often in the finance, business and science subjects

  2. I found this one pretty fascinating and it should go into my collection. Very good work! I am Impressed.

  3. Great List!!

    Thanks for sharing but my personal favourite is Blogging as I love writing and sharing experiences about travel but I sometimes take editing and proofreading help to make sure that my blog is error-free and creates better engagement rates.

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