Why Should You Study Social Work?

Before choosing a career path, many students ponder over different questions, is this field rewarding? Along with a big paycheck, will it bring satisfaction to life? Does it have job security?

No one can make hindsight or foresee the future. However, does a career that allows you to listen to people’s problems, provide solutions, and make a positive contribution to society pique your interest? If yes, consider pursuing a career and education in social work.

Social work is an incredibly gratifying career where you can help people deal with emotional, environmental, and physical challenges. From providing support to people to creating rules that can eliminate society’s unfairness and injustices, social workers cover almost every aspect of life. Although the job might get overwhelming occasionally, these challenges get you to move forward and do better.

Are you still unsure about the career decision? Don’t sweat it. The following are some of the compelling reasons that can persuade you to study social work and become a social worker:

1- Opportunities To Grow

A myriad of opportunities exists in social work to grow and advance professionally. It entirely depends on you to choose any specific area of study and the type of community you wish to serve. You can decide to become either a clinical, community, family welfare, substance abuse, or healthcare social worker. However, these are not the only job roles you can acquire. You can even switch your career to counseling or opt for administration work in this field.

You also have the feasibility to continue your education while pursuing the job. Suppose you wish to take your career to the next level. In that case, you can enroll in CSWE accredited online MSW programs and progress into advanced positions. It is crucial to obtain a master’s degree from a reputable institute/educational portal to ensure quality education standards.

2- Make A Positive Impact

Many people get involved in the daily grind during work-life and even receive a paycheck but don’t feel satisfied. It certainly isn’t the case in the field of social work. Social work is one of the most rewarding and meaningful careers. You can have a positive influence on people from different walks of life. You can assist children in combating addiction problems or help people fight their inclination towards criminal activities. Not only this, you can help families living in extreme poverty and send them the necessary resources.

However, it is essential to note that you shouldn’t possess a faint heart and weak nerves as a social worker. It is because you might have to meet sexual assault victims, counsel them, and direct them towards a brighter side of life. The feeling of contentment and accomplishment you get and the joy of such actions have no replacement. All in all, you can play your part in making this world a better place to live.

3- A Chance to Reinvent Yourself

Being in this field, you will encounter many unsettling and heartbreaking realities of humanity. However, instead of fearing them, it can be a chance to reinvent yourself. It will remind you to value those privileges you already have in your life and not take them for granted.

Also, you will learn how to cope with specific circumstances. Maybe your expertise lies in dealing with anger management issues effectively managing violent situations, or better yet, how to handle your feelings. You can get to discover the strong and weak points of your personality or any other traits that you weren’t aware of previously.

Moreover, studying to become a social worker might be your chance to refine your interpersonal skills. You can learn how to work in teams, manage time effectively, think critically, and develop strong leadership and communication skills.

4- New Challenges Everyday

Since the field of social work is ever-changing, it never gets dull. There are no two days similar in this field. Every day you will face new challenges, different problems, and complex situations.

There might be times when you will have to come across mentally disturbed people or vulnerable populations. You will have to address their problems, work closely with them, and make them feel better. No doubt, these traumatic situations can leave you emotionally drained. You might find it hard to detach yourself from such experiences. However, just the thought of bringing such people back to everyday life can drive you back towards your purpose.

5- A Voice for People

Every living being in the world deserves to live life to the fullest. Yet, there are people out there who remain deprived of their rights and freedom. Studying social work is the perfect choice if you have a strong desire and urge to speak for such people and fight for their rights. This field provides a chance to get in contact with people in need.

Being a social worker, you can start campaigns or initiate programs for a general cause. You can make small yet significant changes on so many levels. These little efforts might take time and might not bear fruit initially. However, they can turn huge and get acknowledged when you start working at the community level. Moreover, you can advocate for people in at-risk areas and pass their concerns to the concerned authorities.

Final Words

If you like to work for vulnerable communities and wish to improve the quality of life, don’t look further ahead. The field of social work is the best fit for you and has endless benefits to offer. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects social workers’ growth by 13% by 2029, depicting a much faster rate. It is good news for aspiring social workers since this signifies plenty of job opportunities.

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