Stunning Retirement Locations

Once you reach your retirement age, it’s time to think about the best place to spend it so you could enjoy your golden years to the fullest. With a retirement fund that you’ve hopefully set up in advance and lifestyle opportunities constantly improving, being a senior today isn’t as intimidating as it once was. There are still conventional living options available, but if that’s not your thing and you’d rather explore the world in style, the world is your oyster!

The following places are the most stunning retirement locations you might consider for your next residence.


In addition to its great weather, amazing cultural heritage, architecture, music, and cuisine, it’s the people of Portugal that make this country a great retirement choice. They are mellow, welcoming, and very receptive to strangers.

Living in Portugal is very affordable as it’s the second least expensive European country, after Bulgaria. You can live a very comfortable life on only $2,500 a month or a bit more if you choose to live in the North in Porto, Lisbon, or in the ex-pat haven of the Algarve or Cascais.

Rated the 4th safest country in the world in 2018, Portugal is both secure and beautiful. You can roam freely through neighborhoods visiting vibrant local cafes and restaurants and listening to the elders telling stories from their past while the kids play soccer in the streets.

The capital of Lisbon is easy to reach with a direct flight from all major cities of the world and with its great offer of trains, trams, buses, and taxis, you won’t have a need for your own vehicle. The city is a true cultural hub with a large number of museums and historical sites, and with the English language widely spoken, you won’t have any trouble getting around.


Australia is a country that offers many beautiful locations for retirement plans all over its vast southern land. from Perth to Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney, you can find fantastic cities that keep topping the charts of the world’s most desirable retirement places cities. They possess qualities very appealing to seniors, such as pleasant climate, great infrastructure, lots of outdoor activities, great amenities, and rich cultural life.

If you’re looking to settle down in a quieter, secure, and car-free location, one place stands out from the rest and those are the retirement villages close to the Central Coast, Sydney, and Newcastle. It’s in a perfect location, with the best residences and a little bit of something for everyone, from great medical care, essential amenities, great outdoor spaces, and lots of opportunities for an active social life.


Southeast Asia is probably one of the most attractive retirement destinations in the world with great senior programs, a favorable climate that ranges from hot beaches to cool highlands and amazing cultural diversity. It also offers affordable healthcare, modern cities and amenities, and luxury accommodation at a fraction of a price compared to other world locations.

Situated between Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, Thailand is well-known for its warm-water coastlines, unspoiled nature, and cultural heritage, as well as great expat living. With its tropical humid climate and no cold winters, it’s perfect for arthritis patients and anyone who enjoys the sunshine and outdoor living. It also has numerous modern private hospitals with experienced doctors.

If you plan to continue leading an active lifestyle, you’ll be happy to find many great gyms, hiking and biking opportunities, as well as historical museums and art galleries. And, for your wandering spirit, traveling within the country won’t cost much either. A two-hour flight can take you to any part of the country for only a $100 round trip. Also, it’ll only take you an hour and a half to fly to any other country in Southeast Asia.

The end of your professional career and the onset of your senior age only mean the beginning of the new chapter of an exciting and fulfilled life. So, set your retirement goals high and pick the most stunning destination where you can live your dream life!

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