Summer Cleaning Ultimate Guide

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means – sipping endless cups of coffee next to the river or in your favorite coffee place while getting that vitamin D. However before we actually manage to do that, it would be an excellent idea to clean out our homes. So, prepare your vacuum cleaners, stock up on all the cleaning products, and start. We are here to help you out with those seemingly unimportant details such as how to actually declutter and how to make your cleaning a much more fun activity than it actually is!

Blast your music

First of all, make yourself a killer playlist. Music is known to enhance motivation, so just like in the gym, make sure that you include all the positive songs that make you feel active and that boost your mood. You will definitely do more with loud music coming up from your speakers than in complete silence.

Helping hand

Secondly, before starting to declutter and clean your home, it would be a good idea to ask someone to help you out. This could either be your friend or your family member – anyone who will make this task a fun one. Bring wine bottles or anything else that might make you feel you want to do your job, and there you go. It’s always fun to do these things with someone, but then again you need to be prepared to help them as well when they ask you to!

Freshen up

After you’re done with your cleaning, open all of your windows and let some air in your home. This is always very good, not only for airing out your home but for your own mood as well. Since you want people to know that you finished with your cleaning, you want your house to smell nice. A great way to make this happen is to know where to buy a good whole house air purifier that will help you out. You can always purchase these things online so that you could save time, and more often than not, money. This is also a great way to prevent any allergies created by pollen, dust, or mold.

Expiration dates

The following step should be done approximately two times a year, but summer is a great time to start. Make sure to take a look at all the products that expire, and make sure to throw away all of those that expired. Make sure to go through your refrigerator first, and then slowly move on to your makeup and skin care products. They also expire and you shouldn’t take this for granted – it’s not without a reason that there’s a date on the bottle. There might be a risk of break-outs and bacterial infections, especially if certain products, such as mascara, are in question.

Throw, sell, gift

getting rid of everything

A great way to make sure you’re getting rid of everything that you don’t need is to have three boxes in front of you and separate the items in questions into one of these. The first box should be for things that are for throwing away – products that are expired, or for example, t-shirts that are unwearable and very old. As far as clothes are concerned, you can also donate them instead of throwing them away, but that’s up to you. The second box is for things that you want to sell – you can either choose to sell them online or to certain people who are in need of those things. The third one is for gifting, so if you want to get rid of a skirt that you haven’t worn for a long time, perhaps there’s a friend of yours who would still like to rock it. Since it could be quite difficult to get rid of certain things, especially clothes, make sure to apply the “one-year rule” – so basically, get rid of everything that you haven’t used since last summer.

Toss the doubles

Minimalism is a big trend in fashion and design, but it should be in your own home as well. How to incorporate it? Well, make sure you get rid of all the doubles that are simply cluttering your home. If you have two same jumpers, for example, get rid of one. This is also very important in the kitchen, as we probably have many doubles that we don’t actually need, such as bread knives, mixers, or even glass bowls. You don’t need more than one.

Summer cleaning is definitely something that you need to invest a lot of time and energy into, but it doesn’t have to be a dull task. If you ask for help and really clean your home this summer, you will see the difference in your own mood as well. Who doesn’t like to live in a clean and clutter-free home?

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