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Summer is a period when representatives of the teams strive to make sure they made the right transfers in the off-season. It is at this stage that the newcomers shows their potential to the roster of the chosen team. It is possible that this list includes players who in the future will become the new stars of basketball. There is still a possibility that the draft was in vain despite all the talents of the rookie.

At the moment it is especially interesting to discuss the successful enhancements of the rosters. Thus, los angeles lakers stand out in this list, and fans can watch the success of the team using the reliable broadcasts platform.


Most Promising Newcomers

Among the talented newcomers, the following players should be singled out:

1.  Josh Hart of the Lakers. The new midfielder became a real discovery and managed to hit the fans with his effective game. And his diligent work has paid off — he got the MVP in Las Vegas and the exchange of courtesies with the living legend LeBron, and it means something! Josh is a solid proof of the fact that newcomers can become a powerful impetus for the performance of the club already during the current season. After two weeks of the MVP, the skeptics abandoned their criticism and admitted that Hart is a huge breakthrough for the team.


2.  Jaren Jackson from the Memphis Grizzlies. The rookie is considered one of the most talented player in the season for a reason. His main advantages are energetic performance while keeping the cold mind. Already at the moment Jackson has been successfully performing three-pointers and proving himself as a rim-protector. At the peak performance of the draft, the rookie made every manager who hadn’t chosen him regret.


3.  Trey Young from the Atlanta Hawks. This player caused a stormy reaction from the fans, both positive and negative. The main advantage of the player is his high efficiency of passes and the ability to dramatically change the speed of movement, either slowing down, or speeding up. Some of his games raise a number of questions — for example, his overall statistics of hits was not very stable. However, in general, the player has good potential and can prove himself.


Moreover, it is worth highlighting Wendell Carter Jr. of the Chicago Bulls and Mitchell Robinson of the New York Knicks. With the help of the convenient website, fans can follow the results of other teams, too. Thus, fans of boston celtics can find all the latest news and events of their favourite team.

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