3 Super Fan Tips to Prepare for the Return of Sports

We are living in unprecedented times. With everything going on — true life-changing and even world-changing events — it can feel a bit trivial to focus on small diversions and little indulgences.

But we all need distractions. We all need entertainment to relax. So you shouldn’t feel bad if you miss the things you love that have been sidelined in recent months. It’s OK to long for the cinema popcorn or head out to the ballgame on a Saturday.

And, fortunately, sports are starting to return. European soccer leagues have been back in action since May and some leagues in the United States are now almost ready to return. The NBA is working to create its bubble and continue its season in Florida soon, while the NFL and MLB do their part to work through the remaining hurdles to get back on the field.

How can fans follow their lead and start getting ready? What should we expect to see when the competition heats back up? And how can they make sure they don’t miss any of the action?

With these key questions in mind, the following few tips will help anyone — super fan or casual viewer — prepare for the return of sports.

1- Temper Your Expectations

While leagues, teams, and players are working hard to make things work, there is no guarantee that everything will go according to plan. The NBA, for example, has acknowledged that it expects more players to test positive and knows it will have a major challenge on its hands if a large outbreak happens within the bubble. Even if the first few games go off without a hitch, this won’t necessarily mean everything will finish seamlessly. What does this mean for fans? The best advice is to tune in early and enjoy it for as long as you can.

2- Embrace the Spirit of Competition

Though the uncertainty and differences from normal league play might seem like a major negative, wise fans will embrace the unique nature of our times. Should there be an asterisk placed next to this year’s championship teams? Are playoffs the same with no fans in attendance? Should we take a season seriously when teams play in strange places or on modified schedules? The answer: Who cares! Sports are about watching the best players on earth compete. So try to focus less on the joy and sadness of the individual outcomes and instead, just enjoy the spirit of competition. Each play, quarter, and game can be a great time if you have the right mindset.

3- Watching It All Live

The strangeness of these times coincides with an era where the nature of sports coverage and broadcasting is changing so fast. Online streams are now common, with tech giants like Facebook and Amazon getting in on the live sports game in recent years. It can be downright confusing when it comes time to find the game you’re trying to watch. But the best bet is still getting sports packages from your cable provider so you can watch MLB games live — or any of your favorite games. Now that sports are finally back, you don’t want to miss out. Go with the best, most comprehensive broadcast you can find.

The Long-Awaited Return of Sports

Finally, after months of waiting, sports are nearly back in our lives. Though there are still plenty of concerns surrounding the logistics, this should be seen as good news for us all.

At the very least, we now will once again have one of our favorite distractions and entertainment sources. Just make sure to prepare yourself for the return. Temper your expectations by recognizing this isn’t a normal season. Embrace the spirit of competition rather than focusing too much on the results. And make sure you have the right cable package so you won’t miss a thing.

Other than that, it’s just time to play ball. Have fun out there and make to root root root for the home team.

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