Surfing in Style: Surf Accessories You Need for Summer

Summer is all about surfing with friends. Do you have all the essentials you need for the beach? Don’t miss the latest surf accessories for summer!

The days are getting warmer and if you’re a surfer, you’ve probably felt the pull to the ocean increase tenfold lately.

This year alone, more than 2.6 million surfers will flock to white-sand beaches to try their luck on gnarly waves and revel in the rush of salted air across their skin.

If you’re planning on joining the crowd, you don’t want to get left behind with outdated equipment and surf accessories.

Now’s the time to upgrade your surf game before the summer really heats up. Here, we’re sharing some of the latest and greatest surf essentials you’ll need in order to keep in line with this year’s trends!

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Aquapac Keymaster Case

Need a safe, secure place to keep your keys, phone, and wallet while you hang ten? The Keymaster Case by Aquapac is a sealable, 100 percent waterproof case that ensures your valuables won’t get wet.

It’s compact, lightweight, and even features an adjustable lanyard so you can carry the case while remaining hands-free.

Since it’s made with thermoplastic polyurethane and has welded seams for increased durability, you won’t ever have to worry about the case getting damaged.

The Aquapac Keymaster Case can be completely submerged underneath the water so you can even take it out to the waves with you if you aren’t comfortable leaving your personal items on the shore!

Worried you might drop it in the ocean? Nonsense — this case even floats, making it the perfect gift for the surfer in your life!

Mr. Zogs Orinigal Sexwax

What’s something that every surfer needs? Wax!

Only top-quality wax is suitable and can guarantee a superior surfing experience. This year, don’t get caught without Mr. Zogs Original Sexwax, a non-toxic blend of premium warm water surf wax that smoothes onto your board like butter.

Mr. Zogs’ formula offers consistent quality and it never spoils. What’s more, you can purchase a container of Sexwax for under seven dollars online.

Manufactured in the United States, there’s no better option when it comes to getting the perfect base or top coat of wax.

The Pickle Wax Remover

When it comes to the tedious process of removing wax from your surfboard, you’ll want to use The Pickle.

This innovative device allows for cleaner, more efficient wax removal after you’re done riding waves. Essentially a nylon sack filled with fiberglass dust, The Pickle works to dry the oils on your board and help the wax flake off.

Now made with 100 percent biodegradable packaging, The Pickle is the best way to save time and money when it comes to wax removal.

Board Buddy Surfboard Carrying Handle

The days of lugging your cumbersome board around in your arms are gone. Say hello to the Board Buddy, a surfboard carrying handle that keeps car-to-sea transit time to an absolute minimum.

This time-saving handle grips the rail of your board and takes the strain off of your fingers and forearms. You’ll no longer dread carrying your heavy board to and from the beach since this product basically does it for you!

The Board Buddy is a great option for those who often have to travel long distances with their surfboard in tow.

JBL Flip 5 Portable Waterproof Speaker

Whether you’re heading out with some friends for an all-day surfing adventure or just riding some waves solo, music playing in the background is a must.

Not only does music set the tone for the experience but it also makes you feel more relaxed. Try toting along with the sleek JBL Flip 5, a portable waterproof speaker available in a variety of colors.

Connect your iPhone via Bluetooth and you’re ready to jam the day away!

AirPods are also a great choice for listening to music shoreside. Check out how to connect AirPods to Mac for the ultimate surf-party experience.

Grill Mount GoPro Mouth Holder

The GoPro is one of the coolest surfer gadgets out there. Bring the excitement of the surf back to shore with the Grill Mount GoPro Mouth Holder, the new and innovative way to record your experience entirely hands-free.

You literally just pop the grill into your mouth and viola, your arms are free to balance yourself and you can record your entire surf to show off to friends and family!

If you end up loving the Grill Mount GoPro Mouth Holder, there’s also the option of custom-fitting the grill to your mouth for an even more comfortable fit.

HangAir Wetsuit Drying Hanger

Spend less time waiting for your wetsuit to dry by investing in the HangAir Wetsuit Drying Hanger.

This device is ideal for someone who surfs in cooler climates or during winter since these dry times can be even more unpleasant. It’s basically a large hanger with a built-in fan that pushes air through the body of the wetsuit, decreasing dry time significantly.

The HangAir Wetsuit Drying Hanger can also increase the lifespan of your wetsuits, so if you’re an avid wearer; you need to bring this along the next time you head to the water.

RinseKit Portable Shower

There’s nothing worse than having to stand in line as you wait for the next cold, low-pressure public shower to open up after a surf.

The RinseKit Portable Shower makes this a thing of the past! Featuring a rubber standing mat and a hose, this portable shower allows users to rinse off sand and dirt from their bodies in places where a shower might not be feasible.

This product isn’t just limited to surfers, either. It’s versatile enough to take with you while camping or boating. You can even wash your dog with it!

Rip Curl Tide Clock

An essential part of a safe surfing session is being aware of water conditions and tides. High tides and low tides can mean the difference between great surf and an irresponsible one, so you’re best off getting a Rip Curl Tide Clock.

There are large, easy-to-read numbers and lettering on the sleek, battery-powered dial and once you match the clock up to your local time and tide charts, it’s easy sailing from there.

Jet Surf

Jet Surf is a step into a new era of surfing. You no longer need to wait for the wind to pay for a boat ride or search for waves to surf on the water.

You just need to take it aboard, choose any place, start the engine, and ride as much as you want. To learn more about the newest boards and their features, visit

Upgrade Your Surf Accessories Now

Keeping your surf accessories up to date with the latest trends and technology is a key part of bagging an unforgettable surfing experience.

Now that you’re aware of these incredible surfing items, you can check into them and upgrade your surf game just in time for peak season.

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