Sydney Adventures You Must Try This Year

Some tourists are all about beaches and cocktails, others love shopping and city exploration. But, there’s a third kind of tourist: the adventurer looking to conquer the destination’s every adrenaline-boosting activity. So, if you belong to this last and rare but interesting group of travelers, here are a few activities that will tickle your daredevil bone while in Sydney.

Satisfy your need for speed

Sydney Harbor, Satisfy your need for speed

Are you a daredevil that feeds on horsepower and speed? Well, take your driving obsession from the road onto the water and book a jet boating adventure that will take you across Sydney Harbor. This ride is so exhilarating and fast that you can almost miss some of the city’s most famous landmarks and attractions as you come speeding on top of the water with the wind in your hair. So, make sure to keep your eyes open, no matter how scared you are!

Climb the Harbor Bridge

Climb the Harbor Bridge

If you want to be thrilled but also enjoy some of the best Sydney views, book a Harbor Bridge climb. An experienced climb leader will take you right to the top of Sydney Harbor Bridge and its impressive arches. Along the way, you’ll get to learn many things about the history of the bridge and its amazing structure. And when you get to the top (which is 134 meters above the sea) you’ll be treated to some of the most impressive views. No matter which part of the day you choose, you’ll always be blown away by the beauty of Sydney’s landscape.

Skydive over Sydney beaches

Skydive over Sydney beaches

Is there anything more exciting and daring than jumping out of a plane? We think not! So, if you want to push your adventure trip to its limits, book a Sydney skydiving adventure and enjoy your swift meeting with the ground! While skydiving is exciting no matter where you do it, Sydney added a bonus to your jump—you can skydive over the city’s gorgeous beaches! And when you safely land, you can commemorate your jump with a new tattoo.

Places like Tattoo Movement offer completely personalized tattoo experiences and can treat you to a world of different tattoo styles. Just imagine coming home with amazing skydiving experiences and an old school tattoo to remind you of your feet forever!

Explore the marine world

Explore the marine world, Australia has some of the most impressive natural riches in the world and a truly unique animal world (koalas and kangaroos, anyone

Australia has some of the most impressive natural riches in the world and a truly unique animal world (koalas and kangaroos, anyone?). However, while these land mammals are cute and fluffy, the best Australia has to offer lies beyond the surface. So, grab your wetsuit and your snorkel and explore the underwater world.

Just outside the city, you can also try scuba diving with seals and explore various marine parks. These underwater parks are filled with color and life that will inspire you to not only continue your marine exploration but also take an interest in conservation. It would be such a shame to lose all of that natural beauty due to our carelessness and ignorance.

Climb some trees

Climb some trees

If you never want to grow up, in Sydney, you don’t have to! In the Greater Sydney area, various adventure parks involve tree climbing, zip lines, rope bridges, and other obstacles high above the ground hidden in canopies. TreeTops Western Sydney claims to have the fastest rollercoaster zip line in the world, but it’s best if you don’t blindly believe them but try and see it for yourself!

Sydney is a metropolitan city full of adventure. If you want to try out all of them, make sure to stay at least a full week, otherwise, you’ll feel truly exhausted and overwhelmed. Luckily, the entertainment park that’s Sydney is always open for travelers and adventurers so you can come back whenever you’re itching for some adrenaline.

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