Sympathetic Support: 5 Ways To Genuinely Help A New Mother

There is little in this world more exciting than the birth of a new baby. That precious squishiness and new baby smell are almost more than one person can bear. 

As adorable as the new bundle is, the true hero of this birthing story is the mother. Whether she’s given birth to or adopted a new baby, she’s the one who invests the most love and effort into its care. 

As a family member or friend of the new mother, you may be at a loss as to how to help her in this transition phase from pregnancy to motherhood. It’s a stressful, tiring time, but you can give her support in so many ways, including those listed below:

1. Bring a Helpful or Thoughtful Gift

When you visit the new mom for the first time after she gives birth, don’t show up empty-handed. If she has a baby shower registry, check it to find out what she still needs. If she is bottle-feeding her little one, find out what brand and type bub is drinking and buy baby formula to bring along. Baby formula is expensive, so this is a very helpful and thoughtful gift. 

2. Let Her Sleep

Sleep is a hot commodity during the first few months of a baby’s life. There’s never enough of it, so if you’re a close friend or family member of the new mom, tell her to go take a nap and watch her little one for as long as she needs to feel rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Added thought: Bring her a pair of ultra-comfy lounge pajamas to change into. She’s sure to get the best sleep she’s had in a long time. 

3. Hire a Cleaning Service

While the new mother and her little bundle are still in the hospital recuperating, hire a cleaning crew to come into her home and get it in tip-top shape for when she comes home. The first few weeks of motherhood should be filled with cuddles and snuggles with her new baby, not dishes and laundry that someone else can do for a while. 

Side note: This is a great group gift. Ask everyone to chip in on the cost. 

4. Bring Food

Bringing food to someone who’s recuperating is never a bad idea. Not having to worry about meal planning or prep is a huge load off the new mom’s mind, especially if she has a partner and other children to feed. 

Bring easy-to-heat and eat meals, complete with balanced food choices and healthy options to keep everyone nourished and full while mom and baby bond. 

5. Send Encouragement

Being a new mom – whether for the first time or not – is full of doubt and frustration. She may feel defeated and unsure of her ability to care for her new baby. These feelings are normal, but you can help her get through the tough days by being an encouraging force for her. 

Send her notes of encouragement and tell her she’s beautiful and capable. It may seem like such a little thing, but to a new mom feeling overwhelmed, it could be just what she needs to get her confidence back. 

While a new baby is something to rave about, the true hero of any birthing story is the mother. As her close family member or friend, you can use the tips above to support her and encourage her in her first few weeks of motherhood. Just be sure to ask what she wants and needs first to ensure that you don’t overwhelm her with kindness in those first weeks after childbirth.  

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