Table Tennis Official Rules And Quick Guide

There are rules for all of the games which you used to play. However, there are some table tennis official rules and quick guides. These are the set of a comprehensive set of rules which have to follow when their problem arises. The guide is the set of instructions, which you can follow to play.

However, these rules are made but these rules are annually reviewed by ITTF and they decide what changes should be done. Moreover, if you are a beginner then you don’t need to worry a lot about it there are some basic rules which you have to follow while playing.

Let’s take a start with a common question that has been asked frequently.


Are There Different Rules For Amateur And Professional?

To be honest, the basic rules for amateur and professional are the same, but for those players who use to play tournaments, there are many additional rules that they have to follow. As I said if you are a beginner and want to play with family and friends then you can follow basic table tennis rules.

However, we have to take a look at some basic rules and talk about them.

Is a game up to 11 points or 21 points?

Until 2001 the game was played up to 21 points, but as time passes the ITTF changed their rules and it became up to 11 points which built the interest of the audience. However, after 2001 the game is played for 11 points till now.

When the player of the game scores 11 point or both players of a team (called deuce) makes 11 scores first that team or player will be the winner of the game.

The second thing is how do you…


Starts A Game?

As you know while starting the game you should know who will serve the ball first. However, if you are playing with your friends or family then you can flip a coin or whatever method you want to serve first. Moreover, according to ITTF, you need to flip a coin or you can toss a disc that has two distinct sides.

On the lower levels, the players use to hide the ball in their one hand then they simply hide their hand under the table or their back and then ask the opponent in which hand they have a ball. This method is for single players.

By using one of the methods the winners which have won the toss will serve first, but he might have three choices. These choices can be:

  • The winner elects to serve first
  • Or the winner can give the service to the opponent
  • Or the winner can decide which end he wants to play first

However, if the winner has decided to choose which end of the table he wants to play first then his opponent has the choice to serve first or make his opponent serve first. Moreover, if the winner decides to serve first then the opponent can choose which side of the table he wants to play.

The next step is to what do you know about the

Basic Table Tennis Serves:

As I have mentioned, there is a rule to serve the ball. The rule is that the ball must have above the tabletop and behind the player’s end side of the table. The basic thing is that the player should have the ball in the non-playing hand and throw it with the paddle away.

On the first serve, your ball needs to hit your side of the table at least once and the opponent side of the table at least once as well. On the other hand, if the opponent lets the ball bounce more than once on his side then you will get one point.

Once you know about the serves then the next step will be how many serves does each player have?

How many Serves?

As I have mentioned above that in 2001 there were rules of scores 21 lead for a player. When they play multiplayer there will be 20-20

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