Take An Eco-Friendly Trip: Low Impact Tips For Your Next Vacation

There are about 1.4 billion tourist arrivals all over the world in 2018. That is based on data from the World Tourism Organization. The numbers were up by 6 percent in 2017.

This can have a major impact on the environment because of the carbon footprints that each people consume when traveling. But traveling without destroying the environment doesn’t have to sound impossible.

You just need to know how to plan your vacation with the planet’s health in mind. Here are several tips that you must consider to start an eco-friendly travel adventure.

Plan Before You Book

Planning a trip nowadays can be very easy. You only need to select a destination and contact a local travel service provider to help you plan your dream vacation. You can also pay for your travel essentials like flight tickets, hotels, and tours online using your credit card.

But before you make all your travel arrangements, you need to determine if the items in the itinerary can harm the planet. If you will avail of a tour, check if one of the activities included involves endangered animals such as dolphins, crocodiles, tigers, and elephants.

These attractions are controversial due to growing cases of animal cruelty. It would be best to avoid them at all costs. You also need to know if they have eco-friendly activities like hiking or a bicycle tour.

Map Out Your Sustainable Itinerary

To help save the environment while traveling, you need to have a thorough plan that will require you to lessen your carbon footprint emissions. As much as possible, avoid riding the plane many times during your trip.

If you must move from one place to another, try other transportation options like trains or buses. This will also allow you to marvel at the beauty of the place by the roadside on your way to your next destination.

Opt For Sustainable Accommodation

Despite the rise of eco-friendly hotels all over the world, there are still too few compared to the other accommodation options. But you can easily do your research online before you leave for your trip.

Try to find out if any environmentally-conscious places in the area are LEED-certified. If you cannot find one online, you can look for reviews online and stay in small hotels, homestays, or guesthouses.

These places could be more considerate of the planet compared to large conglomerates.

Aside from these tips, you can be a responsible tourist by making small sacrifices. It includes carrying your bottle. You may refill it in a clean water source.

Reducing your time in the shower will also help. In addition, you can bring your utensils and avoid using disposable ones.

You may also buy carbon offsets from legitimate organizations. This can help you make up for all the unavoidable carbon emissions during your trip.

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