Taking Your Smoking Experience to New Heights: 5 Ways to Intensify Your Cannabis High

It’s always a bummer when you finish a smoke session only to achieve a high that is less than satisfactory. Sub-par experiences are typical for first-time smokers who may not be utilizing proper inhalation methods or feel hindered by an anxious thought process that clouds the event.

Even when you master the techniques, it’s not unusual for novice stoners to feel nothing until the third or fourth time they smoke.

For more loyal leaf lovers, a lackluster high is a bit more mysterious. While smoking low-quality herb is one way to feel feeble effects, other factors include choosing the wrong consumption method or burning a hemp strain with an unbalanced cannabinoid profile.

However, for most experienced smokers, a bland high is a tell-tale sign your tolerance has reached its peak. Frequently consuming potent flowers eventually alters the way brain receptors interact with the herb. How quickly tolerance develops is different for each person and is mainly dependent on biological makeup.

To experience the full impact of nature’s flower, you’ll need to re-establish a subdued tolerance. Resetting your resistance to cannabis is achievable through several means. Some smokers opt to take a ‘T break,’ which can last anywhere from a few days to two weeks, depending on your body’s response. If a hiatus isn’t in the cards for you, there are plenty of viable alternatives that can bring your tolerance level back to square one.

Not feeling a T break? Check out these five ways you can intensify your experience.


Choose your consumption method wisely

Flower enthusiasts have numerous consumption methods at their disposal, and navigating options can feel daunting. Infused gummies or THC-based drinks are ideal for those seeking a smoke-free experience. If you don’t mind waiting for an edible to kick in, you’ll experience an intense high that lasts hours longer than your average toke.

If burning grass has been your go-to method for some time, consider stepping it up a notch with wax concentrates. Dabbing is beloved by experienced stoners for its intense impact and smooth delivery. Begin your concentrate adventure by acquiring a sleek dab rig from retailers like MJ Arsenal (


Despite the popular lazy stoner trope, smokers who maintain healthy, active habits get more out of the herb. The molecular compounds found within cannabis are stored in body fat and release slowly, resulting in a sluggish impact. To speed up the effects of flowers, reduce your overall body fat with exercise. Physical activity sculpts your physique while triggering the release of stored THC in the body. A serotonin-induced high is a new breed of euphoria only a stoner can experience.

Eat a mango

Nutritionists praise Mango for its immune-boosting qualities and Vitamin A makeup. It’s also a tasty product beloved by stoners for its ability to boost even low-quality strains to new highs. Myrcene, a terpene component found in mangoes, is also responsible for the potent aromas and flavors present in hemp. Not only does the oil intensify the sensory qualities of herb, but it also fast tracks the impact it has on your brain. Some smokers swear by eating one or two mangoes a day to strengthen their high, while others claim the best results come when the fruit is consumed a few hours before a smoke session.

Sip some tea

Take a different kind of tea break and brew some green or black strains. The soothing beverage is rich in an antioxidant called catechin which induces the blissful feelings associated with hot tea. When paired with flowers or concentrate, the calming sensations transcend new levels. As your body relaxes from the tea and inflammation is reduced, the herb’s compounds travel through a widened pathway, producing faster, more robust effects.


Up your fatty acid intake

Foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids work wonders to reduce your tolerance and heighten flower impacts. Hemp metabolizes through fat, so adding more fatty foods to your diet will bind with the herb’s cannabinoids and quicken the high. Snacking on fish, eggs, or nuts throughout your day will intensify your high while reinforcing your endocannabinoid system.

This central system is responsible for balancing moods, sleep cycles, energy, and more. Your body will flourish, and your high will intensify by consuming a healthy amount of dishes loaded with omega-3 and omega-6.


Take the high road

Enduring an unsatisfactory high is a plight every stoner will experience once in their flower-filled journey. Luckily, you can reset your tolerance by modifying consumption methods or taking a short-lived T break. Bringing your herb resistance back to ground zero isn’t the only way to achieve the ultimate high. Try intensifying the leaf’s impact with exercise and diet curation. Unsurprisingly, what’s good for your body is also good for your high.

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