Talk to Groups of Hot Women

Last week, you were told to walk up to any hot woman you see. This time, you’re going to look specifically for entire groups of hot women. We’re talking groups of three or more. Don’t worry. Just reading about a group of attractive women may send shivers down your spine. But you’re soon going to be able to walk up to any group of hot women with ease to start a conversation.

By now, you’re used to bringing up feelings of confidence with your visualization object, and you know what to say since you’ve had a lot of practice with the two primary conversation goals with ugly, old and hot women alike. But now you’re going to take your basic skills, and you’re going to put them to the advanced test. Only, you’re going to have a few techniques at your disposal to help you avoid a potentially ego-crippling and embarrassing situation.


3 Techniques for Talking to Groups of Hot Women

If you see a group of hot women, you’re of course going to practice your visualization and you’ll know instantly that you only have two goals when it comes to what to say. Let’s review those goals now. You’re going to get the hot women to talk about themselves, and you’re going to have to get them to smile or laugh somehow.

But a group of women can be very hard to break the ice with. For some reason, when women band together they form this bond that makes it very hard to become ‘in’ with them unless they happen to give you permission. This is unspoken permission, but you’ll know you’re in when they begin to feel relaxed and when they start to include you in the conversation.


But to become ‘in’, you must break the ‘hot woman force field’ that always goes up whenever a man approaches the entire group. Get ready, because this is going to be the true test of your new-found skills and abilities.

The techniques for breaking the ice with hot women include:

Give a Reason For Being There: Why are you going over to talk to them? Maybe you want their opinion on a drink or meal that one of them ordered. Or maybe you want to know where one of them got her new cell phone, or if she likes the new Verizon service. If they buy your excuse, their guard will come down, and you’ll be able to work on the two goals before you go to the next group of hot women to practice even more.

Pit Them Against One Another: This technique works great. Next time you’re talking to a group of hot women, ask them which one is the smart one. Or the funny one. Or which one is horrible with directions. They’ll be undoubtedly all point to one, and they’ll probably start laughing and accusing one another playfully, etc. It works every time. If you can get them all going like that, they’ll instantly think of you as one of the crew.

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Watch for tomorrow’s article as the very next step is critical to your success and moving forward on schedule.

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