Tarot Card Arcana And Their Meanings

Tarot card reading is a form of psychic that involves telling a person’s fortune through the use of a special deck of cards called tarots. These cards normally come in a set of 22 cards each numbered from 0 to 21 and a drawing to represent one of the 22 major arcanas.

An arcana is used to represent an event with each arcana having different depictions alongside varying meanings that differ even further based on how they were drawn and placed. Powered by Juneau Empire, here is a quick run through each arcana and what they mean.

. The Fool

As the name implies this arcana can represent a new chapter or a free spirit. It can also mean naivety or a warning of being taken advantage of.

. The Magician

This arcana represents creation, desire, and power. If reversed, however, it can mean getting manipulated or shortsightedness.

. The Priestess

The arcana represents one’s inner voice and intuition along with their subconsciousness. It can also mean the lack of these things like feeling lost or bottled-up feelings.

. The Empress and The Emperor

The Empress is usually used as a female representation with meanings such as motherhood, beauty, and nature. When reversed it can mean dependance or martyrdom and the feeling of emptiness. Its counterpart, the Emperor, represents power, control, and authority while also meaning tyranny and coldness of one’s heart.

. The Hierophant

This arcana represents abstract concepts such as tradition and conforming to a standard. When reversed it can mean rebellion and a new beginning.

. The Lovers

An arcana simply means being in a union. It ranges from partnerships to relationships and the like while also meaning the loss of one’s self and balance.

. The Chariot

Representing the desire for control and direction in one’s life. It can also represent one’s willpower to push through anything.  It can also lead to recklessness and aggression because one is lost in their life

. Strength

As it would imply, this arcana represents one’s power and inner strength while also embracing bravery and focus. When reverse, it means the complete opposite such as self-doubt and self-loathing.

. The Hermit and Temperance

Represents one’s desire for guidance and the search for meaning while also meaning the loneliness and wayward nature of that journey. Temperance represents the middle of that journey with patience

. Wheel of Fortune and Death

Both have similar meanings in that the wheel represents how things change and fate is inevitable and Death means the end of the cycle but also new beginnings.

. Justice and Judgement

Similar to the previous entry, they are connected with meaning with Justice being the truth along with the nature of cause and effect. Judgment is solely about one’s reflection on their actions.

. The Hanged Man

Represents one’s act of self-sacrifice while also showing the fear of performing the act along with one’s self doubts.

. The Devil

This arcana calls on one’s materialism and addiction. When reversed it can mean freedom and order.

. The Tower

Signals of upcoming disasters and accidents. It serves as a warning that something of grave danger is coming and one should be prepared for it.

. The Star, The Moon and the Sun

Each heavenly body represents different things but relates to a person’s psyche. The stars represent one’s hope and faith while the moon represents illusions that would cloud you alongside one’s intuition. Finally, the Sun represents one’s joy and happiness along with celebration

. The World

The arcana for this represents being complete, feeling fulfilled, and harmony. The world commemorates one’s accomplishments and achievements.

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