Tested And Proven Handpicked Bedroom Interior Combinations

The most intimate and private room is no other than your bedroom. Besides being a room for rest, it can also be a place you look forward to recharging in after a long day at work. A bedroom with a comfortable bed can do wonders for a bad day, after all. The windows in bedrooms, however, can make or break the privacy of a bedroom. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that your own space is not privy to outsiders, nor to inquisitive passers-by.

Therefore, to ensure that your bedroom remains exclusive to you and your loved ones, you may choose to dress up your windows and add a touch of aesthetic to the practicality that it already offers, all based on your customizations.

Window coverings installed on your windows can give you optimum privacy, as well as full control over lighting. From shades that block out light entirely, to dark grey wooden blinds, here are a few of the most ideal window coverings suitable for your bedrooms, that will save you the time and hassle of browsing through tons of choices.

Curtains and Draperies

Curtains are the lighter and simpler sister of draperies. They do their job in lifting the room’s spirit extensively, and you may be surprised what sheer curtains matched with bold color draperies made of velvet can do for an otherwise overly spacious bedroom. If your bedroom has space restrictions, sheer curtains in lighter tones can still pull their weight in helping your bedroom look free yet still organized. In cases where your bedroom is, unfortunately, facing sunlight, you may want to choose a thicker material to block out the unwanted heat and light.

For those who are keen on experimenting and wish to achieve a luxurious look, try fastening the curtains after drawing them with beautiful heavy curtain ties for a more royal feel. Adding unique trinkets and figurines is also not a bad way to finish up the look. There are also other alternatives and options such as using metallic rods that will bring forth a classier bedroom interior or putting in silk draperies to amp up the romantic mood. Lastly, for newlyweds, you may want to install blackout drapes to allow your relationship to soar to more private, and intimate heights.

Customized Blinds and Shades

Light Filtering Roller Shades

By installing Light Filtering Roller Shades, your room will instantly block out all the glaring sunlight from outside, and still, smartly filter in the adequate amount of natural light needed. These shades are very adjustable and elegant and are offered in more than one kind of room darkening shade. There are even modern types of roller shades that will help you to get a good night’s worth of sleep. Their white portion usually faces the sun to reflect it outwards, which inevitably prevents the sun from rudely waking you up.

Honeycomb Shades

Next, we have an option ideal for protecting against both the undefeatable sun and heat. Honeycomb shades, as its name applies, appear in a beehive-looking formation that traps air and retains adequate insulation for your room. Especially if you live in intensely hot weather conditions, cellular shades like these can help to keep the surrounding temperature cooler throughout the day. Not only will you save on electricity bills, but you will also be able to achieve a practical and aesthetic look with these shades as well.

Honeycomb Shades Bedroom Interior

Credible Combinations

Here are a couple of tested and proven, foolproof combinations to decorate your windows.

Plantation Shutters with Pleated Curtains

Firstly, we have a combination of Plantation Shutters with Pleated Curtains. This is especially suitable for bay windows, as shutters are best known to provide the privacy and room lighting control you are searching for. To play up the drama, you can even go for black and white combinations. Minimalistic styles are all the rage now and as a finishing touch, you may try exploring adding accessories here and there as well.

Zebra Shades with White Sheers

As we mentioned about minimalist not going out of trend, stripes too, have yet to cease from the fashion ranks, and Zebra Shades with White Sheers are something you can try. To achieve this look, you may want to match floor furnishings such as carpets and rugs with zebra shades and keep the curtains in neutral or monochromatic colors. Adding pillow covers that complement the overall look is also recommended. With the overall concept of your room kept consistent, you will not be disappointed with the aesthetic outcome.

Wooden Blinds with Valances

These are fabric-based top window coverings usually combined with shutters, shades, and even curtains. There are a multitude of ways these can be styles, ranging from pleats, to straight and flat. To achieve a more classy and sleek look, try installing earthy-toned valances and match them with pure wooden blinds. If your room is more spacious, this look can make your room look more royal and grand, which will make you feel like you are living a fairytale every night before you sleep and when you wake. Who said fairy tales are just for books?

If you are the kind to go for views, Valances and Sheers should be among your final picks as these are made of fabric that essentially filters a substantial amount of light in. However, do take note that sheers are only suggested for cases where your windows are not directly facing a bustling road with people often walking on, but rather, your lawn or even your back garden.

Due to the lighter tones of the sheers, this particular idea will give you room to explore different ways to complement different kinds of textures and colors. There are also customized valences available with unique symbols and styles for you to think about if you are going for a certain room theme.

Wooden Blinds with Valances


Now that we have explored the different foolproof ways to decorate your windows such that your guests will be simply wow-ed by your interior decoration taste and skills, go forth and try out the most suitable combination for your window!

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