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Thanksgiving Arts And Crafts For Kids

Just as with any holiday, many people like to decorate their homes, and finding Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids to make is a great way to amass some cute holiday decorations and allow you to spend some excellent quality time with your child.  There are tons and tons of ideas for Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids available just by searching on the Internet.  We thought we would give you a couple of ideas for some fun Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids.

Of course, there are a lot of turkey crafts that you can make.  One we like is to trace your child’s footprint on a piece of brown construction paper.  Do not trace the toes.  Then, on orange, yellow, and red construction paper, trace your child’s hands with the fingers slightly splayed out.  Make two hands of each color.  Cut out everything carefully.


The heel of your child’s footprint will be the head of the turkey, and the hands will be the feathers.  Arrange the feathers behind the footprint and glue into place.  Cut two strips of brown construction paper and fold accordion style for the legs.  Cut out feet from the yellow construction paper and then glue those to the body.  Have your child draw in a face, and you have a fun turkey!

Another fun Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids to make is a stained glass turkey.  This project is easy for even young children, and it looks great when it is hung on a window where the sun can shine through it.  You will need brown paint, a paper plate, brown, orange, and red construction paper, tissue paper or cellophane, and glue.

Cut five or six large feathers from the brown construction paper and about one inch from the edge, cut out the inside of the feather.  Apply glue around the edge of the feather and then lay on top of the tissue paper or cellophane.  Trim around the edges.  Paint the paper plate brown and attach the turkey feathers.  You can either draw on a face or cut out the face parts from construction paper.


These are only a couple of the myriad of ideas for Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids that you can find either on the Internet or in books about arts and crafts.  Some of them can be reminders of how much your child has grown like the first turkey we told you about.

Make one of these every year and date the back.  Then you can marvel at how your child has grown over the years.  The thing about Thanksgiving arts and crafts for kids is that doing these projects can teach them much about creativity plus; you’ll get to be with each other, which is most important of all!

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