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Thanksgiving Crafts

Just as with any other holiday, making Thanksgiving crafts can be a fun and creative way to decorate your house for this beautiful time of year. With a little creativity and some supplies you probably already have around the house, you can make Thanksgiving crafts that are fun and easy. They’ll make your home festive and get everyone in the mood to give thanks and eat that turkey!

You can find all sorts of ideas for Thanksgiving crafts on the Internet. Many websites are dedicated to both experienced as well as new crafters and the ideas range anywhere from the very natural to the very hard. However, we want to stress that you do not have to have a lot of crafting experience to create some great Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your home or classroom that you can be proud of.


For example, here is a great Thanksgiving craft this writer has been making for years. It is easy and a great keepsake when you save them throughout the years because making it requires you to make hand cut-outs with your child’s hand. There is nothing better than having a great craft that will help you remember how much your child has grown over the years. These make great table decorations and even place name holders for your Thanksgiving table.

What you will need is a pine cone – preferably the “fat” kid, some orange, brown, and red construction paper, some wiggly eyes, an acorn, glue, and scissors. Start by having your child place his or her hand with fingers slightly splayed down on each color of the construction paper and trace around it – fingers and all. If they are old enough, have them cut out their hands. If they are not, you can do it for them. These hands will be the turkey’s feathers.

With the pine cone lying horizontally, put glue in the openings near the fatter end and carefully arrange your child’s handprints inside. Let dry. Glue the acorn onto the front (skinny) end of the pine cone. This part works best with a hot glue gun! Glue on the wiggly eyes to the acorn and cut out a wattle from the red construction paper. Glue just under the eyes. Let the glue dry completely and you are all done!


And that is just a little taste of what kinds of Thanksgiving crafts you can make. There are tonnes and tonnes more out there that just require a little imagination, some common household supplies, and a desire to have fun! So get to work on your Thanksgiving crafts no matter what time of the year it is. You need to have a good time NOW!

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