The 4 Stages of Beard Growth& Reasons to Use Growth Oils

Beards are a hot trend globally. They are a symbol of masculinity and a way of expressing manliness. Nowadays, it’s common to spot men with well-maintained beards shopping for beard products in beauty shops. However, maintaining a beard isn’t an easy task, and you need the right products to achieve that clean-striking beard. That’s not all! You should know the different beard growth stages and the right products for each growth phase.

What are the different beard growth stages?

 1. First week

The first stage of beard growth begins with a shaved face. If you want to grow beards, this is the time to put down the razors and start the beard growth journey. Not much happens during this stage, though! However, you’ll notice some stubble or slight hair growth. You aren’t going to have full growth in the first few weeks, so patience is key.

You may also experience the dreaded beard itch. And it’s advisable to maintain a clean beard and apply beard growth oil to enhance growth. Use the oil after showering and shampooing the beard to improve absorption.

2. The real growth

This stage isn’t very different from the first one. However, you’ll notice hair concentration in some parts of your face. The beards won’t grow in a consistent pattern, and this shouldn’t bother you. Your whiskers may exceed the one-inch length and may be thick in some areas and fur-like in other places.

3. A real beard

¬†You’ll have full beard growth during the third stage, but this will depend on different factors. You may notice some patches but have stunning lush growth in most parts. Also, you may notice grey whiskers, which depend on your age. The mustache may also creep into your mouth, making you uncomfortable, and some trimming may be necessary. During this stage, it’s best to watch your diet and maintain proper beard care to boost growth.

4. Full grown beard

At this point, you’ll have a burly beard that you can comb and style as desired. Regular brushing will give you a clean, neat look. You still need to use beard oil and balm to prevent wayward whiskers from growing out of control. Also, you should maintain a consistent care routine and trim your beard regularly.

Why use beard growth oils?

 Your beard won’t grow in one week, and when it starts to grow, you may notice some patchiness. Growth oil will boot growth even in those patchy spots. Also, it will nourish, condition, and moisturize your beard hair. Again, it’s a great way of moisturizing the skin beneath the beard. This helps maintain healthy skin and minimizes beard itch and dandruff. Most men use beard oil to achieve that fuller look and promote beard growth.

In summary, great facial hair and a well-groomed beard make you stand out. There are different stages of growth, and it’s advisable to use the most suitable products for your hair type. Most people are now using growth oils and creams, which work for different hair types. If shopping for beard growth products, go for quality, and purchase from reputed stores.

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