The 9 Biggest Desk Height Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Due to the pandemic, most of the companies have started providing work at home to their employees. Most of the employees find it comfortable but there are few things which need to be considered while working from home. You won’t be able to find the perfect arrangement at your home the way you get to the office. Hence there are few things that need to be kept in mind while arranging your work from the homework station. The most important components of your workspace are chair and table. Now you must be wondering how placing the chair and table could affect your productivity for more read on this site. You spend almost 10 to 12 hours in a day for work and hence it is important to choose the alignment of the chair and table perfectly. Here we are going to discuss a few tips which would help you to work smoothly from home.


Working on inappropriate height

Choosing the correct height for your table and chair plays a very important role in setting up your workstation. Make sure you choose the proper height so that your elbows can fall easily over your table or desk height. Doing this will ensure better wrist alignment and hence would help you to concentrate on your task.


Not using the office chair

Office chairs are always comfortable to work the whole day but most of the time we end up using our sofa or other chairs for our workstation while working. If possible, try to get an office chair that comes with adjustable features. Choosing such a type of chair would save you from neck discomfort and lumbar pain.


Hunching over the laptop

Working on a laptop might be a convenient way of working from home but in the long run, it can seriously affect your health. We generally tend to spend approximately 40 plus hours on the laptop in a week and hunching on it continuously could cause serious issues with the shoulder, neck, and back. If you wish to continue with the laptop then make sure to use the laptop stand and the screen is parallel to your eye level.


Letting your feet dangle

We generally have a habit of keeping the feet dangling while working but doing this regularly can put stress on your knees as well as on the lumbar spine. Make sure to keep a box or storage under your desk to keep your feet parallel to the chair.


Giving up on your current chair

You might have one chair or a place where you like to work from and which you find comfortable. But you may also feel to keep changing the workplace as per your mood. Getting used to the new environment and things take time and hence it can further delay your work. Hence make sure you do very little experiments with your seating arrangements.


Not following the 20/20/20 rule

There is a rule which is advised to be followed by all working professionals. Working and staring at the monitor continuously can cause strain on your eyes. According to the rule make sure to spend 20 seconds towards something which is placed almost 20 feet away once you are done with the working session of 20 minutes. Doing this will help you to get a much-needed break for your eyes.


Not customizing the perfect space

Sharing the workspace with others can cause inconvenience at some times such as adjusting the chair height or table height. Hence it is always recommended to keep your workspace customized as per your requirement and comfort.


Turning the couch into a workstation

Most of us have a habit of lying down on the couch while working from home. But working in this position can also result in some serious health issues such as muscle discomfort and numbness. You might find this vertical position comfortable on the couch but it can ruin your working environment in the long run.


Skipping Lunch and staying dehydrated

While working at home we generally tend to eat food at the same place, unlike the office. While working at the office you take breaks to have food or to refill your sipper. This activity generally helps you to take a break for a while from your computer. Hence make sure you follow the same routine while working from home as well.

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