The Art of Signage: How to Make Your Store Signs Stand Out

When it comes to helping your business get noticed and making it stand out, one of the most important things is of the signage you have on and outside the building.

It is the main drawcard for any bricks and-mortar business, for how are you supposed to draw the customers inside if there is no knowledge that you’re open and running?

Therefore, when it comes to making your store “pop”, you want to make sure your presence is felt. So here are my strategies as to how you can make your store turn heads and no, the big comic signs are not always needed to draw the eye.

Precision and a Laser Touch:

One of the ways to make your signage prominent is by ordering customized laser cut signs.

Whether it is a classic sign made out of wood or a paper banner that is used for promoting the business, the laser can be used in order to create a clean and refined look and can create signage that will help to make your business more notable to the public eye.

Don’t feel the need to be inconspicuous:

When it comes to your signage, subtlety doesn’t do you any favors. While you don’t have to be wildly out there, it helps to have a label and signage that is memorable and won’t escape the customers’ minds in a hurry.

In addition, another technique is to “illuminate it” and make neon work for you, as it can help to market your brand in a more vibrant and eye-catching way.

Make sure your text is well placed:

When creating your signage, it is best to make sure your text’s typography is accurate and the spacing is suitably placed.

There is nothing worse than promoting the wrong message or intention because of how close together you may have certain letters positioned, as you want to draw customers in, rather than drawing them away.

Therefore, make sure the mock-up design is laid out correctly and, if it’s possible, have a typographer or graphic designer look over it if it’s possible before you set it up.

Use colors wisely

A great way to make sure your signage attracts attention is through color. While it draws the customer’s eye, it is best to use contrasting colors, as you want that which is clear, defined, and legible enough to be read.

Black and white is always a great choice, while a yellow background may be hard for a customer to properly notice. 

If you’re handling a broad international market, according to Quality Sign Designer, it would be wise to anticipate how “perceptions of color often vary greatly between different regions and countries.”

Location can be as important as product placement:

When considering the customer base for your store, the location of where you put your main, and any promotional, signage should be as important a decision as that of putting visual merchandise in the front window.

From where you align and/or mount the main sign upon a building to the indoor and outdoor placement of promotional signs, signage location can determine your consumer traffic.

The correct placement of signage, particularly outdoor signage, sends your customer base your message in an upfront manner and it helps to endorse your brand to the greater public in a trustworthy fashion.

This is where you can also get creative with how you promote it whether through banners or a blackboard outside the cafe with the changing specials.


Therefore, when it comes to making your store signs stand out from those of your competitors, have your sign uphold your intended message because what your sign is endorsing is YOU! Good luck!

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