The Benefits of a Commercial Safety Alarm System

After investing countless times and resources in your business, it’s just as important to protect your investments. Regardless of how big or small your business is, it’s worth the extra effort to put in systems to help protect it. It’s time to consider installing washington security products like commercial safety alarm systems.

The Benefits of a Commercial Safety Alarm System

If you’re on the fence regarding commercial safety alarm systems, here are some benefits that might change your mind.

Reduction in Theft

Of course, the first main benefit of having a commercial safety alarm system is a reduction in theft. The problem with theft is that it can occur from external sources or the employees themselves. Thus, having a commercial safety alarm system in place will surely help reduce the instances of theft.

Having safety alarm systems visibly placed can sometimes be enough to deter people from stealing or doing anything that would constitute illegal.

However, if a theft does occur, security systems in place such as a CCTV camera would be able to provide proof of theft which would help expedite the theft resolution.

Reduction in Vandalism

Aside from theft, commercial safety alarm systems can also help reduce occurrences of vandalism. While sometimes harmless, vandalism can still be a major nuisance for business owners because it still takes away time and resources to address.

Getting vandalism cleaned off of walls will still take away time from an employee who would otherwise be doing something more productive for the business. While vandalism can be minimal, vandalism can also be up to a severe degree such as broken windows and property damage. These types of vandalism will cost more money to repair and can be potentially avoided with the right systems in place.

Quick Response Time

Another benefit of having a commercial safety alarm system in place is that once the alarms go off, they can automatically alert the proper authorities which will significantly reduce their response time.

Commercial safety alarm systems can be set up in a way that they can automatically alert proper authorities such as the police or the fire department. There are certain situations where the employees cannot immediately call for help which means the safety alarm systems placed can do the job for them.

A quick response time is crucial for security because the longer the police arrive, the farther the perpetrator can escape. If ever something extremely serious happens, such as a robbery or a hostage-taking, then a quick response time is especially needed to help de-escalate the situation immediately. In this case, not only will a quick response time help reduce property damage but will also potentially help reduce the chances of loss of human life.


One thing business owners have to consider is that insurance companies might provide them bigger discounts if they have sufficient safety alarm systems in place. This makes absolute sense because the insurance company will have more confidence in the business that has proper systems in place to protect themselves.

This reduces the chances of property loss or damage that would force insurance companies to shell out insurance claims.

Fire Safety

Fire alarm systems should be considered for any business because these systems can not only help reduce property damage but they can also mean the difference between life and death for the people in the area.

For one, fire safety alarm systems can be set up to contact the fire department right away when the sensors detect smoke. This significantly reduces response time and allows the employees and customers to focus on escaping. Although you might think calling the fire department wouldn’t take that long, seconds matter in deadly situations such as a fire. Smoke can quickly fill up a room and exits can potentially be blocked off by the flames.

Secondly, fire safety alarms can help alert everyone in the room of the situation. Smoke detectors typically go off with loud alarms that can be heard from far away. This is especially important for businesses located in large buildings where people on different floors or different offices can be notified and begin their exit before the fire spreads out of control.


One factor why some business owners are apprehensive about commercial safety alarm systems is cost. Understandably, these systems can become quite costly very quickly, especially depending on how thorough they are. However, business owners should understand that safety alarm systems are a general term that encompasses many different types of systems.

The first decision people have when it comes to commercial safety alarm systems is to choose between wired and wireless systems. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, wired systems are typically durable and can be quite cost-effective. Wired systems are exceptionally reliable, but installation is not easy and they are unfortunately inactive during a power outage. In contrast, wireless systems can be installed easily and they can remain active even when the power is out due to their batteries.

However, wireless systems can be a bit pricier than wired ones. By all means, business owners don’t have to choose one exclusively. Consulting with a safety expert would tell you that security systems are always more robust when they are composed of a combination of different types.


Commercial safety alarms are truly something to consider. One of the biggest factors that turn off business owners with these systems is the price. However, commercial safety alarm systems can always come in different degrees of sophistication where a business can always start with something small and useful and gradually scale it from there.

Unfortunately, many business owners consider these systems after something bad has happened. In that case, if your business has not experienced anything that would have benefitted from a commercial safety alarm system, then maybe it’s time to decide whether you want to be proactive about security.

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  1. I like that you pointed out how fire alarm systems could be set up to contact the fire department right away when the sensors detect smoke. I was checking out a business magazine while waiting for my wife earlier and I saw one article that talked at length about fire safety. It looks like most businesses got fire alarms now, and it seems there is even a Honeywell alarm supplier for licensed installers now.

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