The Benefits of Using On Hold Music

People that manage businesses often have clients calling the office to inquire about their services or products. Once in a while, these people may need to put a caller on hold. But let’s face it, no one enjoys being put on hold.

A 60-second delay can already seem like an eternity to someone on the other end of the line. A survey reported that 60% of consumers will hang up if they are on hold for one minute.

Fortunately, there is a way for businesses to make this a pleasant experience. Setting up the cisco hold music in the phone system is the answer for many businesses.

How Putting a Client on Hold Hurts Businesses

Putting a client on hold is inevitable from time to time. An employee might need to check on some files or ask another staff before they can provide a solution to the client.

Nevertheless, waiting on hold is one of the biggest pet peeves of people. While some customers can wait, however long it takes, most will hang up after they reach their boiling point as fast as 20 seconds.

After that, there is a big chance that those unhappy clients will drop you for your competitors. Losing existing customers also means losing profit.

Properly handling the situation can make a big difference between losing and keeping a customer. One effective method is going with on-hold music such as Cisco hold music.

What Is an On Hold Music?

Instead of the regular “Yes, you’re still on hold” or “Your call is important to us” message, some phone systems play music.

On-hold music is a practice used by various businesses to fill the silence by playing recorded music when they put a caller on hold.

Other on-hold music service providers only play simple instrumentals. Cisco, on the other hand, can play custom messages and legal music and stream licensed hit music by popular artists.

Benefits of Using On Hold Music

While being on hold is an annoying experience, playing on-hold music is helpful and beneficial for your business.

1. It makes you look professional and creates a great impression on your callers

Companies need to take care of their image. Making a good first impression is important to attract and retain new clients. Using on-hold music also makes you look professional compared to businesses who opt to leave their clients on dead air.

2. Having an on-hold music system engages callers, which prevents them from becoming bored while waiting

One of the main reasons why callers become frustrated when they are put on hold is because of the boring silence. Listening to good music keeps callers engaged and entertained. This practice makes the waiting time more bearable.

3. This practice motivates the customers to do more business with your company

Playing on-hold music lets your callers know that you care for them. When clients trust that you are serious about providing the best service, they get motivated to stay loyal and keep doing business with you.

4. Using on-hold music lowers the rate of complaints and dropped calls

Dead air makes the time seem to drag longer. Callers start becoming frustrated when they feel like they have waited for a long time. When they reach their limit, they either drop the call or file a complaint.

5. Playing on-hold music lets the caller know that they are still connected to you

Leaving callers on dead air makes them wonder if you have left them and won’t come back anymore. Playing music lets them know that the line is still connected.

6. Businesses can use this to educate, inform, and update callers regarding their other products and services

Most companies utilize this system to advertise their other products and services. This method allows companies to save money on advertisement and maximize the use of the system.

For the success of every business, customer experience is one of the most important factors. While leaving callers on hold is inevitable, the experience and waiting time of each client can be improved with the use of on-hold music.

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