The Best CD and DVD Printers

Printers are an important part of the world of technology. It started to have major significance in every field of work long ago. They are irreplaceable and form an irrefutable part of all other technologies to exist. Crucial types of tasks are performed through printers and as time has started to pass, it is almost impossible to carry out such tasks without it.

In today’s time, there are a lot of printers to exist, which have evolved through time and technological advancements. To check out the compiled list of the best CD printers and to find a DVD printer worth the cost, click the link

It tends to be the most convenient way to print directly onto inkjet. You can get colorful pictures by using printers. It is very easy to use and can easily print pictures from CDs and DVDs. It is considered an optimal solution for printing wedding and birthday pictures.

Furthermore, below are some of the few printers that print on CDs and DVDs which might be of interest.

Epson Expression Photo CP-8600 Print/Scan/Copy Wi-Fi Printer This is a DVD and CD printer available in the market currently. It is known to be the best disc printer, due to its versatile nature and compatibility. It is highly functional and contains a footprint that is noticeably small and is also capable of printing directly from the DVD or the CD easily.

The best results are found through using this printer especially when an A4 paper is used. Inks used by this printer are inclusive of 6 colors and it helps produce long-lasting photos of good quality.

1. Canon PIXMA TS8150 3-in-1 Printer

This CD printer and DVD printer is excellently made by Canon and is mainly used by casual and professional users. This printer is of great use in printing out good quality and detailed photos that are appealing to the eye and certainly gorgeous. There is an addition of Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity. This enables you to print directly from your phone or tablet through this certain feature.

Moreover, the panel that the printer has is inclusive of the feature of being tilted according to preferences. A large touchscreen is added which is about 10.8 cm. This printer enables the usage of the ink on an individual basis. The colors can be changed per requirement which helps gain time for maximum saving of the printing ink.

2. Canon PIXMA TS705

An inkjet CD printer and a CD label printer all in one is a printing product launched by Canon and has been extremely unique and supports compatibility with a lot of useful features. Many of the potential customers might find this somewhat appealing.

However, the other features it includes sure can go a long way in convincing other people about its worth and quality. The results produced by these printers help gain stunning photos through single inks. It includes the option to print in high-capacity ink as well.

Canon PIXMA MX922

At present, printers have become the most essential part of the offices. Canon PIXMA MX922 tends to be the ideal option for office use. It helps to print high-quality resolution pictures up to 9600 x 2400 dpi. In this way, you receive detailed photos as well as CD or DVD labels. Moreover, it tends to be a multipurpose gadget that contains various functions. It includes a printer, photocopier as well as a scanner.

It is available at a very affordable price and tends to be the ideal choice for small offices. It comes with a paper tray that consists of 250 sheets. It means you don’t need to add papers too often to the tray.

Additionally, many people want to take digital photographs and a large number of people are buying the inkjet printer to print these photographs. The printing quality of pictures matters a lot, and the pictures taken from the inkjet printer last longer. Some printers have an issue with fading colors in printing. But with the help of Canon PIXMA MX922, you can avoid this problem.

Some features you need to consider before buying a printer

It is primitive to consider some features before buying any printer.

Let’s have a look!

Type of printer

The printers are available basically in two types. One is a common desktop that is particularly designed to print documents and images. The second type is multi-Function devices that provide a wide range of functions with printing.

It depends on your requirements and needs and what would you like to buy. If you want to print only documents and images, you can only choose the common printers. But if you want to get some other functions such as a photocopier and scanner, you need to take the multi-functional printers. Both types are beneficial and available in the finest quality.


Before buying any printer, you need to consider some technical functions of the printer. Its technical functions make the device convenient to use as well as connect. Mostly, the CD/DVD printers are available with a display that consists of important information. You need to follow these instructions and understand the information before printing.

Moreover, you can get various settings options in which you can choose the pictures, adjust colors, and get some decorative effects. It also contains a USB port that helps to connect with other devices conveniently. Some innovative printers have the facility of WIFI that helps to connect your smartphones with printers. These are some technical functions that are necessary to compare before buying any printer.

Printing options

One other important thing that you have to compare is the quality of images and pictures. Printing resolution matters a lot because it contains the color of the picture as well as quality. It depends on your need, but the printers are available in a wide range of resolutions.


Technology is growing very fast, and in this era, printers have become an essential part of offices. Many people are using printers to take photographs and images. It tends to be the most convenient way to take pictures from inkjet, and it is very easy to use.

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