The Best Engagement Ring Settings In Dallas

Choosing an engagement ring is challenging for men especially since they want it to be special and personalized as much as possible. There are several things to consider such as the center stone, the setting, the 4cs, and the metal. Jewelry stores in Dallas offer a lot of variety of rings and they can even be customized. Get familiar with the best engagement ring settings in Dallas and buy engagement rings at Shira Diamonds in Dallas to get the exact ring that you’re looking for.

Which Ring Is Best For Engagement?

There are several factors to be able to get the best engagement ring. Here are some of them:

Shape of the Center Stone

Center stones for engagement rings are usually diamonds. What is the most popular diamond shape? A round may be the most popular shape but remember to take into consideration your partner’s preference since she will be the one wearing the ring. If you can get her favorite shape to be the center stone for her engagement ring then that can make her happier. Girls are fond of wearing jewelry with their favorite elements in it.

Ring Setting

Next to decide on will be the setting of your ring to give you an idea of which one is best here are some of the top settings customers love:

1. Solitaire Engagement Rings

This is a kind of setting where a single plain band is used. This setting can be perfect for people who want it simple and still look elegant. This can also fit any size of the stone, with its plainness it can enhance the beauty of the center stone. If the stone is small it can make it look larger, but if the stone is big then it can make it look bigger.

2. Pave Engagement Rings

Pave setting is a single band with a small diamond palace close together along the side of the band. This setting can enhance the beauty of the center stone, it can also make it more sparkly since the ring now has more than one stone. 

  • Cathedral Engagement Ring

This setting is almost like the solitaire settings; it has a plain single band. But what makes it stand out from the solitaire is its arches on the band that fanks the center stone. The arches give extra support to the center stone and can be a part of its design. Plus you can fill the arches with decorative patterns if you wish to.

4. Infinity Engagement Rings

This setting has twisted bands that are interwoven that incorporate the infinity symbol. Infinity set can come with pave diamonds or not depending on your woman’s taste. This setting can add life to your engagement rings and can be a good symbol to let your partner know that infinity is one of your themes in being with her.

5. Halo Engagement Rings

This setting can have simple or complicated bands, but the main design that makes it get recognized is the metal surrounding the center stone. This setting can enhance your center stone as well as protect it from getting damaged easily. This setting is perfect for women who work with their hands all the time since they don’t have to worry if their engagement ring’s center stone can be damaged.

Size of the Ring

Size can refer to the size of the center stone, so what is the most popular diamond size? 0.5 carats is the most popular diamond size since it can cost less so more people prefer to have this size to fit their budget. Another size to consider is the ring size of your partner, getting the exact size can be a good way to let her know that the ring is really made for her and you are sincere in asking her hand in marriage.

The best engagement ring settings in Dallas come in many forms. Now that you have an idea of what is trending there you can be able to come up with an engagement ring that can fit your partner’s reference and something trendy at the same time. Make that engagement ring special so she can be impressed and say yes the day you propose to her. Get an engagement ring that is close to her preference and you will never go wrong.

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