The Best Gifts for Soon-To-Be Graduates

One of the earliest and most significant milestones a person can experience before reaching adulthood is earning their high school diploma and donning a cap and gown during their commencement ceremony. High school students who go on to pursue an undergraduate degree and even continue their studies up to the master’s degree level or doctoral level have the opportunity to enjoy the pomp and circumstance of a commencement ceremony more than once.

Statistics suggest that most students have this privilege. U.S. News reported that an estimated 69 percent of high school graduates in 2018 enrolled in college or university the following fall, with nine out of ten reporting full-time enrollment status.

Many students, their classmates, and their family and friends look forward to graduation day because the ceremonies are celebrations of the hard work and dedication school entails. Considering how stressful earning a diploma or degree can be, graduation may be the time in which many students take a moment to reflect and realize that the mornings they woke up early, the nights they stayed up late, and the times they did extra work were worth it.

Unfortunately, many graduates of the Classes of 2020 and 2021 won’t get to participate in commencement ceremonies, as high schools and colleges across the United States postponed or canceled these events in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With or without a ceremony, you can congratulate and celebrate the achievements of a student you know by presenting them with a gift. Listed below are some of the best gifts for soon-to-be graduates.

Planners and Notebooks

Planners and Notebooks

Students will typically have many responsibilities to juggle. Balancing coursework with internships or jobs isn’t uncommon for full-time or part-time students, as many college-goers aspire to gain professional experience as they earn their degrees. Individuals with an interest in entrepreneurship and obtaining leadership positions, for instance, might be likely to take on roles that help them pursue their career goals while in business school.

A notebook can be just what students and budding professionals need to keep a checklist of tasks they must complete during admissions and acceptance processes into an MBA program, whether they’re preparing for a traditional business program with on-campus courses or an online program with online classes.

For example, by using a notebook, prospective students in Cincinnati can list the top online MBA programs according to search results for ‘online MBA Ohio‘ and note their admissions requirements. MBA admissions may require acquiring GRE or GMAT scores and having a minimum GPA. From there, students can mark off their checklist if they’ve taken the necessary exams or received letters of recommendation. Similarly, planners can help map out daily tasks and keep track of deadlines for submitting admissions files.

Planners and notebooks are gifts that students can also use once their studies begin. Once enrolled in one of the best online MBA programs in the state of Ohio, students can use their planners and notebooks to help them stay mindful of assignment due dates and pace their duties appropriately throughout each school week so that they meet their professional goals.

Jewelry and Timepieces

Jewelry and Timepieces

Gifts that soon-to-be graduates are sure to cherish and appreciate are luxurious jewelry pieces and timepieces that reflect how commencement is a monumental occasion. A student’s education is forever, so consider gifting them gorgeous, hand-finished jewelry that is also forever. Likewise, a high-quality, luxurious timepiece not only looks good but may also help college students and budding professionals with time management.

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Framed Pictures

Framed Pictures

A great gift for soon-to-be graduates can serve as a keepsake that preserves their memories and be a creative way to decorate their dorm room if they’ll be living on-campus: a framed picture. Consider getting custom picture frames for your graduate’s favorite photos. Such a gift gives soon-to-be graduates and incoming college students a stylish and personal way to create a gallery wall or a collage of memorable moments from high school, events with family and friends, and pictures of their graduation.

Getting gifts for someone nearing their commencement can be challenging. Still, it’s important to remember that the best gifts are those that soon-to-be graduates can use, which encourage their creativity and productivity and help them commemorate their hard work and achievements as they begin a new chapter.

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