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The rising inflation rates have everyone worried about the future. Is everything going to be okay? Are we in a bubble? What’s going to happen to the dollar? All of these questions are running in the minds of people trying to preserve their wealth and live a better tomorrow.

The last crisis happened in 2008. That’s not too long ago, and a lot of people remember what a devastating hit that was for the economy of the world. That served as a friendly reminder to the entire Western world that financial history can be repeated.

At some point, bearish investors are going to outnumber the bullish ones. This means that greed in the markets can quickly turn into fear. Everyone thought that a recession was pending. However, nothing particular had changed. Follow this website for more info.

Companies that were in the production market were still creating the same products. The same thing is true about service providers. The only thing that had changed at that time was financial. There was a spasm in the mortgage sector that caused a lot of defaults to happen one after the other.

Are we living in a crisis?

An inflation rate of 8 percent is as close as it gets to being in a crisis. However, to anticipate the future, we need to look back at the previous crisis that happened. At that time, relatively poor people in the United States were given a chance to buy homes by signing loans that they didn’t understand.

The rates seemed pretty low, but the loans were bundled with collateralized debt obligations, which made banks become massive mortgage lenders. After a short period, the interest rates increased, which made a lot of people unable to pay their renters. Then, a snowball effect started, and banks started to default on their payments, one after the other.

Almost immediately, the housing prices took a hit and fell to levels that rivaled the ones in the 1930s. A single mistake in the financial sector created a hailstorm that shook half of the world. Soon enough, the markets in Europe and Asia started to crumble.

Why is gold the answer?

Why is gold the answer
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All of the crises that happened in the previous years could have been avoided if gold had been the base currency. The dollar is a paper representation of value. It’s something that doesn’t exist in reality apart from being written on a piece of paper.

Gold, on the other hand, is something tangible and instantly creates a spark in our heads. If something is more valuable, you need more gold to buy it. However, if something is valuable in the dollar sense, you just need to write an additional zero. The logic doesn’t add up. 

When value can be created by adding a single zero, the derivative markets can go all out in their predictions. This includes options, futures, margin trading, and speculative investments. All of these investment vehicles resemble gambling because they force you to bet on how the future will turn out.

Will a specific stock reach a target price before the option period ends? No one knows, but investors are still betting. When there’s more money created than it can be spent, a bubble is created, and inflation starts to gnaw on your wallet. 

We can all feel it now. It’s more difficult to live through the month with the same paycheck compared to a year ago. Gold solves that problem because it’s limited. Alchemists tried to create a magic potion that would turn other metals into gold and failed miserably. Even now, we can clone animals, but we still can’t produce more gold. 

Should you switch your IRA to precious metals?

Precious metals such as platinum, palladium, silver, and gold are used pretty much everywhere. All of our technological gadgets have them, and they’re essential to medical equipment and the automobile industry. Apart from that, they serve a monetary function because a lot of cultures consider gold to be the universal symbol of wealth. 

It’s a monetary asset that doesn’t have borders, and you can use it in any country, regardless of the political situation. At the moment, the central banks of the largest economies of the world are trying to get their hands on as much gold as possible.

This includes Russia, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and a few others. When the largest institutions in the state are buying something valuable, it’s inevitable for you to do the same thing. Of course, the costs of keeping physical gold and other precious metals require having a safe.

But that’s still a small price to pay compared to the devaluation of a currency, which can happen in days. There have been inflation examples where a currency has depreciated by more than 50 percent in a single day.

A few final words

Gold is the hedge against all types of disasters. Good times don’t last indefinitely, and you never know what the markets are going to look like when you’re supposed to retire. Placing your wealth in assets is the best way to secure it and protect it from hazardous effects such as inflation or deflation. Whenever such a thing has occurred in the past, precious metals have kept their value. It doesn’t matter if it’s rainy or sunny in the markets. These metals will still be shining bright.

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