The Best Ideas for Fall Photoshoots With the Family

Many of us do not like the fall. Most people associate this time of year with rain, sadness, and dreary gray days. Yes, the hot, sunny summer is over, but that’s no reason to get depressed! Only fall knows how to paint the green leaves in warm shades of yellow and red. Only fall gives us rich harvests of gardens and fields.

And the subtle aroma of late flowers and drying grass? All this happens only in the fall, so it’s impossible not to love this season! If for some reason you did not manage to refresh your family photo album in the summer, it is not necessary to delay this task to the next year – you can have a great family photoshoot in the fall. Imagine how cozy such pictures would look on the mantelpiece! You can even use the best app for photo collages to combine several images at once. You’ll find all the information you need on Skylum’s blog.

How to prepare for a photo session?

Fall is an unpredictable time. It’s sunny in the morning, but by lunchtime, it can rain. So take everything you need to spend your time comfortably. Here is the list of things you can take:

  • Umbrellas (or raincoats) for all family members. You can also take rubber boots.
  • A change of clothes for everyone. It’s easy to get dirty while playing outdoors, so it’s great if you have a spare pair of pants and a new sweater with you.
  • Plaid, blanket. Fall picnics are a very popular activity. You will probably want to have some professional photos of lunch outdoors in your family album.
  • A thermos of hot tea or coffee. A few hours in the fresh fall air can slightly “cool down” even the hottest of people. Besides, a tea party in an autumn park looks very romantic!
  • If you are going to a photo shoot with children, take care of a snack – cookies, fruit, homemade sandwiches.

The choice of accessories for the shooting is better to discuss with the photographer beforehand – most likely, he has certain blanks, which you will need. If you want to have only your things in the photo (e.g. picnic basket, plaid, children’s toys, etc.), gather everything in advance.

Ideas for a fall family photoshoot outdoors

The fall photo session in 99% of cases is held outdoors – after all, no studio can convey the special atmosphere of this season. The main positive feature of the fall photos is their unique atmosphere. It’s also nice that almost at any time of the day you can take beautiful pictures.

When deciding where you are going for the photo session, first of all, think about your wishes. Perhaps you would like to visit the place where you met your sweetheart or where your wedding photo session took place. Or maybe you like to walk with your family in a park or park near your home. Any place that evokes positive emotions will do! Here are some wonderful ideas for a fall photo shoot.

Cycling, rollerblading

No one canceled active sports in the fall! Take bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, and scooters for the whole family, and go to the park! You can have a family relay race – that way everyone will have the incentive to do their best.

With Pets

If you have a pet, be sure to take it to the family photoshoot! A dog, a cat, a rabbit – any of your four-legged friends will look great in the shot!


A light snack in nature is a great way to replenish energy after outdoor activities! Sit back on a warm blanket and help yourself to the fall gifts of nature. Don’t forget to bring a thermos of your favorite hot beverage!

Active games

What will help keep you warm during a walk in the fall? Of course, running, jumping, playing hide and seek, catching up, etc. Make your children happy – play soccer, volleyball, or tennis with them. You will surely feel warmer, and the kids will be delighted with the resulting photos.

Under the tree

You can cozy up under a tree with your family. It is better to take the children in your arms – sitting on the ground makes it easy to catch a cold. Another idea is to take a photo of a tree. Usually, children are photographed this way, but if you have some athletic skills – why not?


People say that everyone just needs at least 40 seconds of hugs every day to achieve moral peace of mind. During your fall family photoshoot, you can easily meet and even exceed that plan!

Jumping photo

Jumping photos have been among the most popular ideas for photoshoots for several years. In the fall, you can add throwing leaves upwards to the usual jumping picture. Such images are always very lively and emotional!

With an umbrella

If suddenly the weather fails you and instead of a sunny day slipped rain and slush, do not get upset! With bright umbrellas, you can easily make your day. And at the same time your photoshoot! What’s more… Even if the sun is shining outside, you’re unlikely to refuse a photo with an umbrella!

With pumpkins

You don’t have to go to a pumpkin patch for this one (although it’s not a bad idea). Most likely, the photographer will have the right props – a few moulage-ripe pumpkins. Such photos are especially relevant on the eve of Halloween.

On a Bench

Finding a free bench in the park is not difficult. Carelessly throw a plaid on it and make yourself comfortable, remembering to bring your favorite book or a cup of aromatic coffee. Or just sit, talk about your plans, and remember the happy moments of your life together – the photographer will do all the rest of the work.


Autumn family photo session will help you get a lot of positive emotions, rest your body and soul, and just spend precious time with the most important people in your life. Once the pictures are taken, use the best app for photo collages to create an image that captures the most interesting moments! Read Skylum’s blog to find inspiration. We wish you warm and bright fall shots!

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