The Best Places to Buy Property in Greece for a Golden Visa Investment

Are you looking for the best option for relocation? Perhaps the best conditions are offered in Greece. The country is in the EU, and it has excellent infrastructure, service, and favorable conditions for doing business.

In addition, Greece is safe and constantly developing. The crises are behind, so it’s not only good to rest here, but also to live here permanently.

Interested investors can apply for a Greece golden visa. Now the minimum amount of investment is 50,000 euros. Yes, the amount is not so small, but in return, you get comfort, stability, and the opportunity to move to Europe with the family. It will not be difficult to get a golden passport in the future. This investment option has worked for over ten years, and its popularity is only increasing.

Almost anyone can get Greece residency through real estate investment. The requirements are minimal. One must be of legal age, prove the legality of existing assets, and not be under sanctions.

According to the expert of the company Immigrant Invest Elena Ruda, such simple conditions cause the popularity of registration of documents.


The practice of granting citizenship for a specific investment is common worldwide. It has been possible to obtain Greece residence by an investment since 2013. Its cost for the principal applicant was 250000 euros for a long time. It was also possible to move with relatives. An additional payment is due for each family member, but it is small.

Moving to the south of Europe is a good decision for many reasons. First of all, the climate here is great, and it is almost always warm. Secondly, there is excellent infrastructure. While many other countries offering such programs are unlikely to be suitable for permanent residence, where everything is perfect. Other advantages include the following:

  1. The opportunity to live and work legally in the EU. It is access to a vast market and new business prospects.
  2. Visa-free travel to more than 100 countries.
  3. Favorable tax conditions for business.

So feel free to buy your favorite property and enjoy your stay.

What is a Greek Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa program is especially popular. It involves the purchase of housing. The country is relatively small, but there are several interesting cities.

The state determines the list of available types of real estate. In general, the options are sufficient. However, the fact is that in the future, one can dispose of real estate also attracts. For example, to rent it out or sell it. As a result, in the long term, one can get the documents and make profits.

Best Places to Buy Property for a Golden Visa in Greece

Greece is a country that is scattered over islands. Therefore, deciding which part one wants to live in is crucial to narrow down their search criteria. It is also necessary to consider the scale of the locality. There are options for relocation both in a large metropolis like Athens and in small towns.

Choosing the best areas to buy real estate in Greece, it is essential to consider the following:

  • financial capacity;
  • infrastructure preferences;
  • the opportunity to relocate with the family.

In general, there are plenty of options. The most important thing is to gather the necessary package of documents. For example, to confirm the legality of receiving funds, having no criminal record, and being under sanctions.


It is the most apparent option for relocation. The country’s capital is a city that combines a dynamic pace of life with ancient history and architecture. Athens attracts a variety of affordable forms of housing. One can find small apartments and luxury villas. It all depends solely on the budget.

A city with quality infrastructure is the best choice for those who want to build a business in comfortable conditions for themselves.


It is an ideal choice for almost everyone. The city has a comfortable climate and high-quality infrastructure. It is convenient for those who move on their own and with their family. In addition, there are many educational centers in the city.

Another advantage is the rich cultural life. There are regular fairs, festivals, and other events. So there is plenty of entertainment for both young people and adults.


It is the largest island in the country. So the place is perfect for relaxation. It has beautiful nature and a pleasant climate; the sea is nearby. So at any time of the year, Crete will amaze you. Plus, there’s fascinating architecture, so there’s always something to see.

When choosing between Greece cities to invest in real estate, evaluate the offers on this island. Yes, they will cost a little more than in other places, but the standard of living here is higher.


It is not a bad and relatively inexpensive option. It is a comfortable place that has long been beloved by tourists and locals. An additional advantage – is a large number of types of real estate. It is easy to find a small house or a full-fledged penthouse. It all depends on the budget and preferences.


It is another fantastic option for history and art lovers. An island described in novels and poems can now be one’s new home. Everything has been created here for comfortable living and working.

There are no problems with entertainment either. Movies, restaurants, cafes, theaters – fun life is guaranteed regardless of hobbies and preferences.

Why Invest in Property for a Golden Visa in Greece?

Greece is a place of ancient history and modern technology. Therefore, the conditions for permanent residence are heavenly here — for example, many cool houses, affordable prices, and a sound tax policy.

It is relatively easy to apply for the Greece Golden Visa. The program has been operating for ten years, and thousands of applicants have gone through it. One of those applicants maybe you. The procedure does not take much time. First, you must choose an investment option and submit and certify all the documents. Entrust this task to professionals to ensure a good result and enjoy a comfortable and legal stay in the country.


Greece residency is a rational choice. It can be applied by representatives of countries that are not members of the EU. They will undoubtedly appreciate the access to travel, education, and security guarantee for each country resident. It will be possible to enjoy all the benefits. In the future, there are prospects for a passport.

Such investors are highly valued in the country and are treated accordingly. Therefore, such an investment is an opportunity to ensure a decent future for oneself and future generations.

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