The Best Properties in Cyprus

Limassol is the most popular destination for people to purchase or rent land of all types in Cyprus.

There is still an exciting range of Cyprus properties that you can purchase or rent,

whatever you desire, you won’t be disappointed.

We will be splitting the properties into categories. From the types of properties to bedrooms and pricing.


This is currently the most popular form of property amongst the public. You want an apartment that is typically within walking distance to the beach or near other awesome tourist attractions.

For other users wanting to have a more communal experience. Luckily, some properties have several units in store.

Some apartments include a roof terrace and private swimming pools.

These buildings usually have a more luxurious modern design, that’s pretty enticing.

The architecture is a seamless blend of the new and the traditional designs.

More technical features include marble bathrooms and 3-meter ceilings.

Apartments that have these features are pretty high in height and therefore have the best views from all angles.

The pricing for these buildings is typically over the €400,000 region.

For people wanting to get a more technical view of the dimensions of their chosen property. You can access the floor plans for each property.

The most available number/capacity for people looking to book an apartment. The number is between 2-4, putting 5-6 in the more uncommon realm.

This shows that maybe families are best to avoid this mode of property.


All Families are welcome! Some villas allow for 7 members.

Villas will give you more options, especially in space when staying there.

Some will have large open spaces of land. However, these properties come at a price, usually over the €700,000 region.

For people wanting to book a villa for 5 or more, usually, properties go over €1,000,000

For each property you choose, it will tell you the specific measurements. Some of the measurements include both the land and internal area.

It will also tell you how far away you are from the sea.

Like apartments, you will be able to rent or purchase properties that have the iconic beach view.

Or if the beach is not for you, there is a choice of beautiful garden scenery.

The typical interior structure for most villas includes a dining area, bedrooms, and bathrooms, whilst the exterior can include a BBQ area, a swimming pool, and a parking area.

You may find a few extra features for some of the properties. Including a Spa!


With Cyprus being known for its beautiful scenery, it’s no surprise why tourists enjoy renting or purchasing land focused properties.

It’s another feature to certainly look out for. Whether you have chosen a property near the land, it will be important to make sure it is nearby.

Some of the more popular and affordable pieces of land have more long and narrow features, and others are a lot more expansive, giving you a chance to see some wildlife if you’re lucky.

The more exciting the land is, the more it’s usually further away from the sea. With some properties being over 400 meters away, most of the good ones are over 2000 meters away.

There are also properties where you get a good view of the mountains.


The last property to consider is the Penthouse.

A lot of the features that this property includes are similar to the previous ones, including panoramic views and balconies.

You may have the option of finding these properties in quieter neighborhoods, but you may find these properties nearer the central part of the town.

To Conclude

When you search for properties, I recommend filtering your searches to Apartments, Villas, Land, and Penthouses.

That’s why, once you know what each property is best for, it will save you time and possibly money in the long run.

The most important thing is to get the most amount of value from the money you put into the property.

Choose wisely.

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