The Best Seiko Watches For Men

Seiko has been at the forefront of Japanese watchmaking for quite some time now, and the company, after a few decades is stronger than ever. While the company is still on its initial push for the global market, many watch connoisseurs have taken notice. With the brand’s dedication to making automatic movements and pricing them just right, it’s understandable.

While the luxury watch market still thrives, the cannibalization of demographics within the market is imminent. The rise of the smartphone has paved the way for smartwatches to become a household commodity, and it is reviving the watch industry as of late. Although that’s a good thing, it also takes out a chunk of the luxury watch market.

Most people can’t justify the exorbitant prices of mechanical watches anymore. That and the increasing exclusivity that luxury watch brands impose on their consumers are alienating potential sales. The power of social media is unprecedented, that’s why when people learn that you can get a mechanical watch with all the bells and whistles of the high-end ones without the price, they will flock to the brand.

For most people, getting a luxury watch is a one time experience. It’s rare and unusual for ordinary folk to repeat buy, as they make sure that their first purchase is the last one. After all, getting a mechanical watch should last them a lifetime. And with the increasing demand for luxury watches to be priced fairly, Seiko has just been under the radar the whole time. Here are some top picks from the brand:

Seiko 5 Sports

One of the more popular collections from the brand, the 5 Sports is divided into five (obviously!) different styles: Street, Sports, Suits, Specialist, and Sense. All of the lines are in automatic movement, with a manual-winding capacity and a power reserve of up to 41 hours. That means the watches under this category are apt for the daily wear and tear of life.

Stick with the Sports line, as you get the most bang for your buck in it. It’s constantly in the best watches under $1000. Get the one with a stainless steel clasp and black dial and you’re good to go. The Suits line also has a decent amount of great watches and is more refined than the other four. Milanese loops and quality case materials are the top features of the line, and the one in silver clasp and blue dial is too good-looking to pass on.

Seiko Presage

The Presage is the brand’s more high-end collection and focuses on the Japanese aesthetic and traditional watchmaking. If you want a watch that’s elegant as well as tough enough for the daily stresses of wear, the Presage is for you. Sure, you’ll shell out quite the money, but it’s worth it. You’ll be very happy, trust us.

The best part? The Presage has two lines under it – the basic and prestige. The basic line holds most of the splash-resistant models (we know, not water-resistant, but this will do), and highlights some modern style choices. Band options include leather and stainless steel. The Prestige line is more sophisticated and beefed up, but still follows the same aesthetic as the basic.

Seiko Prospex

Want a watch that can keep up with your adventures and sporty lifestyle? The Perspex is the perfect watch for that. Make the most out of your adventure, whether it’s on land, sky, or sea. Top picks in this collection include the diver’s automatic in blue. With a water-resistance feature of up to 200m, it’s one of the best divers watches in the world right now, price-wise.

If you’re more into pilot watches, the SSC664P1 is the best in class in terms of looks and movement. For its price, you’d think you’re getting a great Swiss quartz movement, but no, this watch is solar-powered, water-resistant for up to 10 bars, and carries a sapphire crystal as case material. Impossible? Well, not with Seiko.


Getting a watch that has a mechanical movement should be a monumental thing for anyone. Traditionally, it was gifted for boys who are coming of age, and it’s still a signifier of that in some families. While the presence of Seiko watches in the West has increased in the last decade, it has still a long way to go. Lucky for those who are in the know, huh?

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