What Is the Best Software for Small Businesses? The Top 5 Apps That Every Businesses Need

The choice of software is a vital decision for the company on which the future of the whole business depends. It would seem that this can affect business development. The right software can save not only time on some tasks, but improve the quality of service, and even replace some specialists.

But how to choose effective software and not spend money in vain? Especially if you have a small business and no additional finance for the purchase of expensive and well-known software.

In this article, you will find 5 applications for small businesses that do not require the adaptation of employees and special financial costs. But the effectiveness of each will be noticeable from the first day of use.

FreshBooks: Manage Your Accounting in a Few Clicks

Every business needs accounting software. This software replaces all individual applications, as it is a complete solution regarding financial issues. It opens full control over all financial transactions in one place.

It is easy to use and does not require special skills. It means that all employees will be able to deal with the program as soon as possible.

With this software, you can easily manage and create invoices and forms. The application allows you to track whether the user received an invoice, which is very important for a small business, as this eliminates the situation when the client said that he did not receive the invoice.

There is also a function of online payments through various payment systems. The interface is simple and intuitive, so the employee does not need to additionally learn to understand how everything works. Another advantage is the ability to use the app on smartphones in any convenient place and at any time.

As for security, all information is protected. The pricing policy of the program is at an affordable level and offers various packages. The minimum monthly fee is only $ 15.

Asana: Boost Your Management and Control Workflow Remotely

With this software, you can improve managerial processes. If you want to manage all processes and track the progress of tasks, then all this is possible with the help of this business management software.

Here you can distribute all tasks and set deadlines for each employee. You do not have to be at the workplace to control how the work on the project is going. You can get a general picture of the work at any time and at any place.

Another advantage is that the application integrates well with others. For example, with a DropBox that you will learn about later. Therefore, it will fit into any workflow and organization. The application is easy to use and suitable for owners of small and medium businesses.

To manage your team’s contracts such as the renewal of contract, you can also do it using contract management software.

SuiteDash: The Best CRM Program

This program allows you to manage various processes about customers. Here you can communicate not only with your team but also with your customers. This is a tool for tracking potential customers, and sales, and scheduling newsletters, and calls.

You can also set tasks for employees, edit them, and create tasks by the day on the calendar.

One of the advantages is the ability to download files within the platform and a quick exchange among staff. All files can be sorted into categories, edited, and deleted. So if your business involves constant communication with customers, then perhaps this is the best solution in terms of managing your business.

DropBox Business: The Quick File Exchange

Regardless of what kind of business activity you are involved in, you still have to face file sharing. Moreover, it will be possible to store large files here. So why is it worth using this particular product? Of course, there are alternative products, but the main advantage is the ability to return to changes in documents. That is, during the month, changes will be saved for each document.

DropBox allows you to share large files. It is enough to place it on the platform and send the link to employees or use the link to open the file on another device. You can set the date the file was deleted or set a password for access.

Well, another feature of this software is the ability to work together on documents. You can remotely work on a project, for this, you need to place the file and send the so-called invitation to other users. It is similar to Google Docs, but it differs in the ability to share any files with a large amount of memory.

Need the best free software? The advantage is that each employee can create an account and get the opportunity to use the platform for free. So, if you have a small business, then, in fact, you can get the most out of it for free.

Office 365: Still The Best Document Management Software

You may wonder why this product was listed because today there are many other alternatives. However, MS Office is the best software on the market. This version has cloud storage, which allows you to use the program at home, in the office, and even on the go.

Why is it worth stopping on this product and not on alternative software? The first is that you do not need to adapt to the product since almost everyone has experience working with this software. Even the updated version will not cause any difficulties in work, on the contrary, will facilitate many tasks from previous versions.

The main advantage is the ability to work in the cloud, on a smartphone, or another device. To be exact, you can not worry about losing files, but switch between devices and continue to work.

As for the shortcomings, this is, of course, the high cost of the package. But there is good news. If your organization has up to 5 people, then you can use the 365 Home Office. This package offers the possibility of using the program by 6 users for 10 dollars per month.

Sometimes you can find favorable discounts on this product, which eliminates the disadvantage regarding the price. Unquestionably, there are packages for large organizations.

In conclusion, we would like to once again note that this product is known to almost everyone, and this eliminates learning problems. Moreover, most customers use the same software, which eliminates problems when working with partners and clients. As a general rule, classics are still classics.


As you can see, the small business software from our list solves several different problems that all organizations face. All programs are selected taking into account efficiency, ease of use, and affordable price, and some can even be used for free.

Do not waste time and upgrade your business in terms of the right software right now or go to the renewal of the contract for your current software.

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