The Best Ways to Clean Brampton Windows

Cleaning Your Brampton Windows Like a Pro

There is no doubt cleaning your Brampton windows is a tedious task. As such, you need to ensure that when you clean, you get everything right for the first time.

I know you don’t want to start over the entire again when you are done, do you? According to WindowTech Windows and Doors, here are the best ways to clean your Brampton windows.

1- Choose A Dry And Cloudy Day

The best day to clean your Brampton windows is when the weather is dry and cloudy. If you do it on a sunny day, the water will dry faster before you can wipe it off, leaving some stains on the glass that prove to get rid of. If you should clean your windows on a particular day and the weather doesn’t seem to favor you, commence on the shady side of your structure.

2- Get Rid Of The Dirt And Dust Beforehand

Before you can commence cleaning your windows in Brampton, eliminate the dirt from the window glass and the frame using a vacuum or a brush. This is an essential step. It prevents dirt from becoming mud when mixed with a cleaning solution. If the dirt seems too stacked on the glass surface, use hot water to loosen it and then wash it out.

3- Choose The Right Cleaner

You don’t have to keep using a spray, especially in cases where the windows have stayed for a long time without being cleaned and the dirt has accumulated. If you use sprays, you may need to apply a lot of it to wipe out the dirt, which might not be economical.

4- Consider Microfiber Cloth

Some homeowners like using newspapers as the best equipment to clean their Brampton windows. However, do you know you can even be better off if you consider a microfiber cloth? They are excellent absorbents, can be washed, and give you a shiny and streak-free glass surface.

Some even come with a special honeycomb texture that absorbs water spots and dirt from the glass surface, without leaving any scratch marks. If you opt for a paper towel, look for reputable brands.

5- Skip The Squeegee

Well, probably you have heard professional window cleaners swear by them. We don’t deny that they are good, but you need to master how to use them, buddy. For instance, when you squeeze down, the water comes out, and where does it go? Well, you have the answer; to the floor.

Because of this drip issue that can cause a lot of mess, if you don’t know how to handle squeegee, you should avoid it as much as possible, especially when you have small panes. However, if you have bigger panes, squeegee can come in handy, and can do an exceptionally excellent job, and leave your windows Brampton spotless!

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