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In the midst of thinking there was no more content for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo announced the release of the Happy Home Paradise DLC as part of the game’s massive update 2.0. It is your responsibility to create vacation homes for a variety of villagers who want nothing more than to relax in their dream getaway home, which will be located at a resort run by Lottie, which you will do in your spare time.

It’s important to note that you will not be working for anything; thanks to your wonderful boss and colleague Lottie, you will always be compensated for your efforts. Find out everything there is to know about the new currency introduced in the Happy Home Paradise DLC right here on this page!

What is Poki and how does it work?

Poki is a currency that can only be used on the island archipelago in the Happy Home Paradise DLC, and it is used to purchase items on the island. Poki can only be obtained by completing missions on the island archipelago. Every time you design a new home, update your Happy Home Network photos, or renovate a home that has already been built, your Poki balance grows larger.

Poki can only be obtained through participation in one of the island’s many projects. It is Lottie, your new boss at Paradise Planning, who makes ACNH bushes (find a good store) a point to compensate you for all of the work you perform, no matter how insignificant the task may appear to be.

What exactly can I do with Poki is something I’m not sure about

The Paradise Planning building contains a variety of exclusive furniture items that you can purchase with your Poki points when you visit. A unique collection of furniture items that can’t be found anywhere else, including Nook’s Cranny, can be found in Wardell’s store on the ground floor, which he runs with his wife. New plants, beach accessories, and even exotic home furnishings can be found in this store, among other things.

Check back frequently because the selection changes on a daily basis. It is not necessary to take on any design projects when you visit Paradise Planning, so don’t feel obligated to take on more than you are capable of. Drop by and take a look around, mingle with other tourists, or sign up for a tour of the island if that’s what you’re looking for.

What is the most efficient method of earning Poki?

  1. The answer to how to earn Poki is simple: you must put forth the necessary time and effort
  2. You must first speak with Lottie and inform her of your desire to work before you can accept any positions
  3. Depending on the job you complete, you will receive a different amount of Poki in exchange
  4. Listed below are some examples of the many different types of jobs you could pursue:

Make a new vacation home for your family to enjoy together

If you want, you can accept as many jobs from Lottie as you want for the rest of the day — in fact, you can work for up to eight hours straight if you want! Whenever you decide to take on a new job, you must notify Lottie that you will be available to do so immediately.

Tourists can be found on the beach, and you can approach them and offer them your home design services. Upon selecting a client and taking into account their desires and goals, choose a location and begin the process of designing their home!

Because you can use the same rules that you use to move furniture around your house when designing homes, it is straightforward to do so. Your clients only require the pre-determined furniture pieces that they have already ordered in advance from your company. You can then incorporate as much or as little furniture as you want into the room, as long as the original pieces are retained — refinishing them is acceptable.

You will earn 6,000 Poki per home in the beginning, which is a reasonable starting point. Following the completion of a specific number of homes and facilities, you will be promoted to one of the following ranks:

Designers are paid 6,000 Poki per house (per person) per year.

Each house (each household) receives 9,000 Poki from a promising designer.

A single Breakout Designer will set you back 12,000 Poki per residence.

Some suggestions for designing a home that meets your requirements are as follows:

In order to access your inventory, press Right on the D-pad or the directional buttons on the left Joy-Con on your left controller. The amount of storage space available in your home is not a constraint on your creativity. Anything that you have stashed in your pockets can be used, and it can be any color that you desire.

To change the clothing on both you and your client, press the Left directional button on your left Joy-Con or the Left directional button on your D-pad on your controller. Take care to ensure that they are dressed appropriately for the occasion!

In order to customize the color of a furniture item, first press the X button to see the colors that are available, then press the + button to confirm your choice of color.

You can cycle through various types of furniture and items on the screen by pressing the L and R buttons simultaneously.

To move furniture and characters, hold down the A button while hovering over them, then drag them around with the L stick.

Holding down the A key while hovering over an item or character will cause it to turn around.

You can select multiple items from a collection of furniture by holding down the R key while moving the mouse over them.

To duplicate a piece of furniture while you are hovering over it, press ZR on your keyboard.

Remove a character or piece of furniture from the game by hovering over it and pressing the Y key on your keyboard.

You can toggle between floor items, wall items (for walls), and ceiling items (for ceilings) by pressing the + button on your keyboard.

You can adjust the lighting by pressing the Up button on your D-pad or using the directional buttons on your left Joy-Con.

To change a character’s clothing while hovering over him or her, press X on your keyboard. This will allow you to use any clothing item you had previously stored in your pockets. Even though non-player characters (NPCs) cannot change their clothing, they can accessorize with hats and other accessories.

To change a character’s facial expression while you are hovering over them, press the ZR button.

Once you’ve finished decorating, press the B key to exit the game

Following the completion of your home design with your left Joy-Con, you must press Down on the D-pad or on the directional buttons on your left Joy-Con in order to move a villager around for photographs. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can even move them onto chairs and beds.

It is possible to renovate an existing vacation home as a solution

As you build new vacation homes, you’ll be able to make use of new furniture that has been unlocked as you progress through the game. For a vacation home where a new furniture set would look fantastic, visit Niko on the docks and request to be shown a vacation home where an old client’s vacation home would look fantastic.

When you are ready to begin remodeling, select a client from your Happy Home Network and communicate with them about your intentions. Following your completion, you can speak with the client and, if desired, take additional photographs of the property and surroundings. As soon as you have informed your client that you have completed your task, return to the office, where Lottie will present you with a reward of 3,000 Poki.

In the same way that you would if you were designing new homes, you will earn more money as you complete more designs. As you progress through your career, you will be promoted to positions with higher salaries and more benefits. Poki for each and every remodel:
For each remodel a designer will be paid 3,000 Poki.
4500 Poki per remodel for a young designer just starting out
Breakout Designer — 6,000 Poki for each remodel project completed by the designer.

Construction of an Infrastructure

When you finish your fifth project, you’ll be able to completely customize a non-residential building to your exact specifications. Buildings such as schools, cafés, and restaurants, among other things, are possible. These projects are more extensive in scope, and they invite the villagers for whom you have designed homes to participate in putting them to use. Lottie appreciates your efforts and rewards you handsomely for them by rewarding you with 25,000 Poki once the job is completed.

Is it possible to trade in Poki for Bells in this game?

Sadly, this is not the case in this instance. It is not possible to bring Poki back to your own island after purchasing ACNH bushes because it is only available as part of the Happy Home Paradise DLC package. Due to the fact that you cannot exchange Bells for Poki, your status on the island will be meaningless even if you are a member of the Billionaires. Look at this as a chance to start over and earn your money the hard way while also expressing yourself however you want.

Make me laugh out loud. Poki is a Japanese word that literally translates as “little one.”

When playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the ability to construct temporary homes away from home is a fantastic diversion. When it comes to exercising your creative muscles, this is one of the best games available on the Nintendo Switch family of systems to choose from. Please take note that anyone who has purchased a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack will be automatically enrolled in this DLC for as long as their subscription is in good standing. It’s best to experiment with ACNH bushes and see how it suits you.

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