The Best Ways To Enjoy Yourself In New York

Traveling to New York City can be an overwhelming experience. There are dozens of famous landmarks to visit and things to do, and really that’s mostly concerning the “main” island of Manhattan. The city also extends to other areas, and each one has plenty to offer. The great thing is that all of this makes New York one of the most incredible cities on the planet to visit. The downside is that there’s no way to see and do it all in one trip, even if you have weeks to spare. So to help you hit the highlights we’ve written up our ideas of the best ways to enjoy yourself in the city that never sleeps.


Make It A Foodie Tour

Above all the skyscrapers, monuments, museums, theaters, and all the rest, New York’s best attraction is its food. The city is a showcase in cuisines from all over the world, and the chefs and staffs pride themselves on keeping up with the competition. As a result, there are more good restaurants in this city than in any other in the world – or at least that argument can be made. This guide to how a first-timer can eat in New York is a great place to start, as it highlights different types of restaurants for different purposes. Just be sure to try a few different things rather than sticking to one neighborhood or style of food.


Spend At Least Two Hours In Central Park

This idea speaks for itself, but let us add that Central Park is more spectacular than you’ve heard. It contains a world of attractions smacks in the middle of one of the most thoroughly metropolitan places on the planet. You can walk through fields, watch a pickup baseball game, sit on a park bench, stop at a café, visit a zoo, hear live music, go boating on a pond, and even visit a real castle – all without leaving the park. It simply demands your time, and it will be some of the best time you spend in the city.


Go Out In Brooklyn

As mentioned above, you have to go past Manhattan to experience all that New York has to offer, even if Manhattan is where the bulk of the famous attractions are. Brooklyn, for instance, is one of the better areas in which to go out for a drink at night. The popular bars in the area are some of the most creative and enjoyable in the whole city, and while Brooklyn isn’t exactly a suburb (it would be bigger than a lot of American cities on its own), you can often enjoy a drink in a lighter crowd than you get in Manhattan.


Do Something By The Water

We’re keeping this point vague, but don’t forget that New York is a coastal city. There are lots of very charming areas down by the water, either on the Hudson or the East River, whether that means an outdoor café, a bar, or simply a place to go for a walk. Any or all of these can give you a different, and quite refreshing perspective on the city.


See Live Sports

Even if you’re not a sports fan, the New York sports scene is kind of hard to ignore. From the New York Yankees in the Bronx to the NBA’s Knicks at Madison Square Garden, there are historic venues and world-famous teams to enjoy in person alongside some of the most passionate fans in the world. And if you do happen to be a big sports fan, you can even get in on the action these days. As detailed here, neighboring New Jersey has fully embraced legal sports betting, which means you’re just a short cab or train ride away from being able to legally put a stake on the action before heading to a game. It’s enhanced an already terrific sports scene.


Look Down From Above

Throughout the city’s major skyscrapers, and even at the top of the Statue of Liberty, there are numerous opportunities to see the city from above. Observation decks may strike you as somewhat touristy, but this is one city where they’re worth your time, as there’s nothing quite like being among the peaks of New York City. The best of them all may be the viewing platform at the new World Trade Center. It’s a view you’ll never forget, and a chance to eat at a nice restaurant as well!

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