The Biggest Disadvantage of Online Dating

Online dating is often a strong alternative to real-life acquaintances. Many successful matches and feedback from happy couples prove this. That is why filling out a profile on the dating website, we expect a lot. However, in practice, our expectations are not always justified.

Nowadays, people can use various resources for arranging a date. One of the best platforms for video chatting is which looks like an interactive roulette shaped by thousands of strangers who are ready to start a chat with each other. They invite a random person to have a conversation via the web camera. Then both interlocutors exchange greetings, ask questions, learn each other’s personality. If they are not satisfied enough, they can change a partner. Users can play a love roulette as many times as they want. They are not limited by time, place, nationality. But nothing is ideal, including online dating.


Among the multitude of unconstrained benefits, we can find several disadvantages as well.

Online Dating Offers


Getting Tired Of Too Many Offers

Finding a partner in a huge virtual “crowd” can become a very debilitating affair, and the disappointment raises. Also, some people get an impression of limitless choice and start looking for a nonexistent “perfect” match.


Inability to Stop

Some people make virtual acquaintances for the sake of acquaintances themselves. These people never go to real meetings or cannot stop their choice on someone. They think that there is always a chance to find someone else who is better, smarter, etc. This is a so-called syndrome of ‘a virtual friend by correspondence’. Do not pin hopes on such people.

The psychotherapist from Colorado Allan N. Schwartz focuses on the shortcomings of online communication


Psychological Consequences

The psychotherapist from Colorado Allan N. Schwartz focuses on the shortcomings of online communication. He studied complaints from his clients who have tried to establish relationships in virtual space, and pointed out the following cases:

  • Feeling hurt because of a sharp termination of correspondence with a potential partner without any explanation.
  • Misunderstanding why a potential partner avoids meeting face to face for a long time under many pretexts.
  • Feeling like a loser because of having failed to find a soulmate having such an “unlimited choice”.


Nevertheless, the therapist underlines that for many people online dating can certainly become a valuable resource. However, online dating should be used wisely. Decide for yourself what is your purpose of using an online website; is it an entertainment and time-killer, are you looking for adrenaline, short-term affair, like-minded people, romantic partner or partner to start a family? All these purposes are different, so they define your attitude to using the website, and your strategy in dealing with people you are communicating. So, despite the disadvantages of online dating, where psychological consequences are the biggest disadvantage, you can still use dating websites as handy tools.

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  1. I don’t beleive that it’s possible to find love on dating sites. I just use CooMeet from time to time to spend time communicating with interesting people from different countries. It help me to distract from daily routine and have fun

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