The Common Challenge Coin Rules Explained: An Informative Guide

There are several challenge coin rules you need to know. You can learn more about these rules by checking out our guide here.

Have you ever encountered people playing with challenge coins? What do you do with a challenge coin? Are you thinking about what the challenge coin rules are and why things can get intense?

The popularity of challenge coins reached all-time highs over the past few decades.

With a tradition that dates back centuries, challenge coins come with different stories that contribute to their uniqueness. As for the actual “challenge,” not too many people know how it works.

The rules are simple. But they require certain qualities like honor and honesty from those who will take on the challenge.

But what things exactly comprise the rules? What is the proper etiquette when playing challenge coins?

Continue reading below as we explain the common challenge coin rules.

Begin With a Coin Check

The challenge starts once you draw your coin. You do this by holding the coin up in the air. You will follow this up by saying or shouting that you are initiating a “coin check.”

A coin check involves two key parts. First is your challenge and second is the response coming from someone willing to take on your challenge.

Alternatively, you can firmly place your coin on the table, floor, or bar instead of shouting. But you need to make an audible noise when slamming the coin on the surface. Also, hold your coin firmly before initiating your challenge.

There are times when people accidentally drop their coins, making an audible sound. When this happens, you accidentally initiate a coin check.

Responding to a Coin Check

On the flip side, the group that you challenge must respond accordingly. A correct response means they must draw their respective coins. They must do so in the same manner that you did.

If a person from the group you challenged fails to respond accordingly, then he must pay the penalty. As for the penalty, he must buy you and the group that you challenged a round of drinks.

But if everyone from the group you challenged responded correctly, then it is you who must buy them a round of drinks. And if you fail to buy them drinks, then you will have to surrender your coin to the issuing agency.

Remember that anyone can call out a challenge anywhere and anytime. Moreover, you need to carry your challenge coin at all times. Otherwise, you will risk buying everyone drinks in case someone initiates a challenge.

Also, you only have four steps to retrieve your coin. Anything beyond that will not count.

Always remember that there are no exceptions to the rules. If you lose a challenge, you have to buy drinks. If you don’t, then you lose your coin.

1- Explain Challenge Coin Rules

It is not enough that you know the common challenge coin rules. There is also some etiquette that you need to observe before calling or taking a challenge.

The first and most important one involves the rules. You must explain the rules to everyone you are challenging. Even if you know that they already know the rules, you should still break them down to the other party.

You can do so ahead of time or during the time you initiate a challenge.

Furthermore, you should state if the challenge covers only a single drink or a round of drinks. Also, you can only challenge a person once.

2- Treat the Coin as Something Special

Whether it’s military challenge coins or other types of challenge coins you are using, it is the single most important item in the challenge. Without it, there will be no challenge, to begin with.

Most importantly, it is the coin that embodies the rich history and tradition of the whole endeavor.

Thus, your coin is special, and you need to treat it with respect. Unlike your necklace or watch, your coin is not just a simple accessory; neither should you wear it like one.

The proper way of keeping your coin is by placing it inside a pouch you are wearing. And because it represents centuries of history and tradition, you need to keep it in excellent condition. Never deface or write anything over it.

Never drill a hole or place any kind of marking. Instead, clean it regularly and keep it as shiny as possible.

3- Never Lose Your Coin

Apart from keeping your challenge coin in pristine condition, you should always keep it safe at all times. Never lose your coin, as this is tantamount to being out of the game.

And even if you’re out of the game, it doesn’t mean you are free from the penalty. Yes, you can no longer call on a coin check. But you still need to buy drinks in case someone challenges you.

At the end of the day, losing your coin is never an excuse. If you lose your coin, you have to replace it with a new one.

4- Look But Never Touch

Since the coin is special, it is normal to have the urge to show it to others. However, that’s the farthest you can go. You can let other people look at your coin but you cannot let them touch it.

Handing over your coin to others is the same as giving it to them. If you have friends who wish to look at your coin, place it on top of a table. They can examine it closely, but they cannot hold it in any manner.

Learn More About Challenge Coins

Understanding the challenge coin rules is a vital element for every challenge coin owner. Knowing the rules is your way of honoring your coin; its history; and the others who also own one.

But learning the challenge coin rules of engagement is only one of the many things you must do as an owner. We invite you to check our other blog posts on challenge coins. We discuss different tips and suggestions for coin owners and for anyone who wishes to get one.

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