The Different Types of Driver’s Licenses: Explained

For most Americans, as soon as you turn of age, you study to get your driver’s permit. Having a diver’s license means newfound freedom and independence in your life. 

If you have your normal driver’s license, you probably don’t realize that there are different driver’s licenses for every vehicle on the road. If you are wondering about the different types of driver’s licenses that exist, this guide will break it down for you.

Class M

Beginning with class M, these licenses are for motorcycles and mopeds. The average age around the country is sixteen years old to be able to operate these types of vehicles. So, if you’ve never driven a motorcycle but are interested, you’ll have to get a Class M license.

There is also a class MJ, which stands for junior motor licenses. These are issued to those under the age of 18 wanting to obtain a license for operating two-wheeled vehicles.

Class DJ

Class DJ stands for a junior driver’s license. Among the types of driver licenses, this one is a standard driver’s license issued to minors. They are valid for operating any typical car or truck.

Class E

A class E license is required for taxi drivers. You typically have to be over 18 years old to get this kind of license. With this license, you can drive trucks, vans, and passenger cars that carry up to fourteen people.

Classes C and D

These are the standard licenses that most people have. The differences between classes C and D vary from state to state. However, there aren’t many differences between the two.

With these types of licenses, you are generally able to drive trailers, RVs like the Winnebago Ekko, landscape trailers, and towboats.

Commercial Drivers’ Licenses

A commercial driver’s license is one used to operate heavy or large vehicles. A class C CDL is obtained for both driving people around or for smaller delivery trucks.

A class B CDL is used for school buses, tow trucks, and dump trucks. There are certain RVs where you may need a class B instead of a class C license to drive.

A class A CDL allows you to drive all four-wheel vehicles. Things like tractor trailers fall under this category. There are benefits to this category because it combines what you can drive with a class B and class C and D license.

Which Types of Driver’s Licenses You Need?

Though a very simple breakdown on the difference between types of driver’s licenses, hopefully, this helps you discover what you need to obtain the ability to drive the vehicle you want. Whether you want to drive an RV or simply gain qualifications for a job such as a taxi driver or school bus driver, you now have the right information.

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