The Do’s And Don’ts of Camping

Sleeping under the open sky isn’t as simple as it appears. It involved rigorous planning to choose the right camping gear and the perfect camping ground. So, if you are planning an outdoor adventure, you should consider the basics of the campsite too along with food preparation safety. Here is a list of dos and don’ts of camping to prepare for a perfect trip.

Find out the best gear after checking their reviews

Heated chairs, portable showers, bug zappers, and the best cooler for camping are some of the major things that you should consider for your trip. It is important to find out which ones are the best before going for an impulse purchase. It will help you avoid purchasing anything unneeded.

Do not forget about the camping essentials

Some of the must-bring items for camping include a first aid kit, maps or GPS, and a safety knife. It may be tempting to leave behind these important items, but they are basics and surely need to find space in your backpack. Carrying a bug spray or roll of gauze is equally important.

Make a copy of your itinerary

People can only help during the case of an emergency- if they are informed about your whereabouts. Make a detailed copy of your travel plans and leave it with your friends and family for follow-up. Also, keep copies of your ID proof in your backpack in case your carry bag gets lost.

Find out about the pet policy of the campground

Before carrying your 4-legged friend along with you, make sure you know that your pet is welcome at the camping ground. There are a lot of national parks that do not allow pets. However, you do have RV parks and camping grounds with amenities for dogs and other pets.

Visit the camping ground before nightfall

It may get tough to set up your camp in the dark even if you are a professional camper. Get a headstart to make sure you can discover your surroundings and create a campfire for warmth when the lights are still available.

Abide by the fire safety protocol

To keep yourself and your surroundings secure from fire, follow the fire safety protocol. Find out the guidelines for campfire security and the tips to securely create a fire.

Do not give up on your meal variety

You cannot have franks and beans for all your meals. With some planning and efficient equipment, you can enjoy campfire cooking. Make delicious pancakes, steamed potatoes with veggies, and more. Add variety to your campground food.

Never leave your food unattended

You may have to tidy the place before going hiking or sleeping. Make sure you do the right food safety so that there are no animal encounters. Often campsite provides bear lockers to keep the food stored safely.

Remember, you are not going to get the services of a friendly and generous hotel concierge or round-the-clock service at your campsite. So, keep yourself organized and plan well to make your time hiking more enjoyable.

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