The Do’s and Don’ts When Sailing

Sailing is not just the whole trip itself; it is about the experience.

Imagine this: you’re onboard a gorgeous Hatteras M60, the sun touching your skin beaming down on you as you take a sip of that favorite champagne and the wind blowing through your hair. This could be an experience you could share with a loved one or friends.

Let’s talk about the Do’s and Don’ts When Sailing so everyone can enjoy that vacation trip at sea.

Be Eco-friendly

Try to avoid using plastic as much as possible. Focus on bringing your bottles or canisters for water or other beverages. Keep an eye on anything that could fall into the water and add to the pollution such as plastic wrappers, table napkins, disposable spoons and forks, and many more on the list.

You can shop for environment-friendly or reef-safe sunscreen compared to your regular off the shelf sunscreen you can buy anywhere. Regular sunscreens have chemicals that might harm sea creatures and may contribute to an ever-growing problem with pollution.

Be Kind and Considerate

If you plan to dock all night and keep the party alive, do not drink too much to the point that you can not even stand on your own and cause a ruckus.

Water amplifies noise and sound, so try to avoid too much noise and loud music and be considerate of other people who are using this vacation as a time to relax. Try to minimize the music volume and ask people if the music is starting to become too loud for them.

Safety First

You might have the urge to jump off your yacht and enjoy swimming in the ocean, but you might want to stop and think if the boat is already at a full stop before jumping off into the water.

If possible, Pack Light

Only bring the necessary items to avoid taking up too much space. Make sure to use a soft-shell bag so it can be easily stored and moved around easily. Most of the time, yachts have limited storage space, so be considerate with other people who might be bringing some bags with them too.

Check weather forecasts so you would know the right choice of clothing to bring. You won’t want to bring a fur coat to a sunny day on the yacht if you know what I’m saying. It might get chilly in the evening, so bringing a light windproof jacket or waterproof jacket would be nice.

Right Footwear

Keep in mind that you might go barefoot on the deck to avoid scratching or leaving sole marks on the boat’s wood or white floor. Some footwear might also bring in dirt that could soil carpeting and other types of floor covering. The safer option for traveling on a yacht is to bring shoes that you can easily slip on and off and also some slippers or sandals, which are more comfortable options. You are going on a yacht and to the beach, so you won’t need fancy footwear.

The Yacht as a Home

Treat the yacht as a second home, and be careful not to make a mess by spilling drinks or food. Avoid stepping on the furniture and tabletops. Do not treat it as a venue, but more importantly, treat it as how you would treat your room or your house.

Always remember a basic house rule or better yacht, yacht rule: CLAYGO or clean as you go. Do not leave any dirt or litter and dispose of it properly.

Bring Something If You Were Invited

If you are a guest and were invited to a yacht or sailing trip, do not forget to bring a simple gift for the host. A bottle of champagne or even a box of chocolates could be formal gifts for the hosts. For some people, they would prefer to bring a box of pizza and a case of beer for peers.

By following these Do’s and Don’ts, you are sure that everyone will have a great time during your sailing trip. Try to keep the mood alive by smiling at guests and making sure that everyone is comfortable by asking them what they need or would want.

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