The Evergreen Classic Color Combinations

A pop of indigo and red, orange and black, mustard yellow and white are few combinations we grew up seeing most commonly. While they are great on paper and pictures- Have you ever wondered how they would look when we use these combos for house painting. They may give an altogether new look, considering various other elements such as space, furniture, wall texture, coating of paint, finish, etc. While some are classic, some remain to be bold and some quirky, and some others are best left to experiments.


Here is your first step to painting the house

Firstly do not choose to paint the entire house in a single block color that is a very traditional approach to interiors. The best is to take one room at a time and decide on the tones of color-rich bold colors to softer mellow down paints, pastels to abstract color dabs- the options are plenty.

Secondly, painters do a great painting job but do not live in the house they paint, hence do not ask the painters for suggestions. You can very well take recommendations from them but keep the choice with you.

Thirdly, search online for “painters near me” hire a professional than a random painter to do the interiors. There are several painting services available whom you can pre-book, make an appointment to seek a quote.


Here is how to play with color schemas

Having said this here are a few powerful color combinations we recommend for your interiors this season.

1. White and Indigo

The warmth of white and the bold indigo is our first pick, white has the power to fight the winter blues or the summer heat, hence warm white interiors with streaks of Indigo either by employing décor or in a block theme as it creates that much needed edgy contrast instantly lightening the place.


2. Purple and Grey

Here is the color combo which recreates luxury within your living room, a soft yet rich combination of purple and a neutral tone of grey helps strike the right ambiance.


3. Aqua and Cream

Aqua green is a classy shade that lifts the place bright; in combination with cream, it gives a sophisticated class. The boredom of small living spaces can be well countered with a poise stroke of paint and this duet color rightly does that.


4. The pastels

A pastel color does just the perfect thing to your bedroom, living room, and even the kitchen, caressing the dark and the light pastels together is an intelligent way of creating a perfect interior. Pastels always give that soothing healing touch that keeps us calm and composed. After a day’s hard work you would want to return to a home that keeps you at peace.


5. Mint Green and White

For that tropical refreshing vacation mood, you can try the mint green and white combo for your drawing room or that little corner where you place your recliner to relax with a patio view or a book in hand. The hues of green relax the senses mellowing us down.


6. Bold yellow and cream

Mustard yellow interiors are tangy, tempting, and very inviting. It throws a  French retro charm as you walk in. If you wish you can paint a certain space with bold yellow such as the back of the main door that closes inside. This is called the accented painting technique.

As we sign off, we suggest you to-  “experiment and experience” for great home interiors.

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