The Features and Benefits of Multi Surface Sanitizers

In today’s world of ever changing, global policies and procedures surrounding people’s health, safety, and well-being, the importance of good hygiene practices have never been more evident. Keeping your surroundings as free from germs, dirt, and grime as possible is soon becoming a part of most people’s everyday lives. Mainly driven by the, widely promoted, and quickly adopted requirements generated as a result of an unknown fear, coupled with potentially devastating effects.

It’s all been a bit of a blur

Things have happened so quickly over the last few years that, it can seem like it was only 6 months ago that the first public announcements were made, and that new stringent guidelines were set out in Government policies with a view of keeping the people safe from, an alleged, worldwide disease, that threatened to change the way in which people live there, once ‘normal’ lives.

There is light at the end

Looking back over the last few years, the proposed dangers themselves don’t appear to have changed that much, nor have they taken any more lives than anticipated, however, that’s probably largely due to products like Multi Surface Sanitizer from Benzion which have been carefully researched, developed and, manufactured, over the years to offer both commercial and residential customers a first-class disinfectant solution that could well have saved some lives.

At the very least, it will have helped to prevent some people from catching anything untoward and, or passing it on. There is a good reason why hand sanitizers are nearly everywhere to be seen and that they are required, in order to enter shops and such, as a matter of standard policies and procedures, what some people have come to accept as ‘just being the norm’. But, why are these hand sanitizers so effective, and how does a multi-surface sanitizer help to prevent an airborne virus that you can’t see?

Multi surface sanitizers, how they work

In this pandemic environment, maintaining cleanliness and good health is critical and is one of the only things that can be done to help reduce the impact of an airborne virus, hence the adoption of using hygienic multi surface disinfectants It’s one of the best and only solutions that will immediately address the issue and assist to fix it on any areas that it is applied to.

The great thing about multi surface sanitizers is that they can be used on a wide range of surfaces all throughout a home, or commercial premises, further still, these products are supported by and used regularly in the pharmaceutical industry and medical professionals which pays testament to their ability and effectiveness to help eradicate the further spread throughout medical institutions.

Medical practices are much safer places to be because they already have such high standards of sanitization, research suggests that not only, are you far less likely to catch anything at a hospital, ‘for example, with the new wave of viruses those odds can be reduced even further by between 50-70%, and that’s without the use of specialist multi-surface sanitizers. Considering that these carefully developed sanitizers offer a 99.9% level of protection when applied, your chances of catching anything are greatly reduced.

These antiseptics have been designed with the sole purpose of keeping things clean, they have been tested, resulting in effectiveness within ISO 17025 standard labs, both in Thailand and, in international institutions, they possess good water solubility characteristics too, and are non-sticky.

In addition, they do not cause or promote rust either, nor do they cause any damage to wood flooring, steel, metal, or plastic. On top of all of that, they don’t have a strong odor either, which is really useful. Essentially, they kill germs, fast, and can be used for the following applications.


Mixed with water, they can be used to mop floors, you would simply mix the solution with water and apply them to the areas you want to be cleaned, in the usual manner, they can be applied to a cloth or a sponge and, they can be used on furniture which can help to prevent or remove smells and stains.

For the best application, it is advised to soak your mop, or your sponge/cloth in the solution to ensure that the mop or cloth is free from germs, then you can proceed to clean as you normally would do, nice and easy and, you probably wouldn’t need to buy any additional products, most people already have clothes and, or a mop.

The tests

  • On surfaces, and a disinfecting mop
  • Both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria are killed
  • Surfaces or sanitary ware are not tarnished or damaged.
  • Covid-19* was tested in the UK
  • There is no odor, which can sometimes be the case with cleaning products
  • ISO 17025 standard tested in various countries
  • H1N1 influenza virus test passed H1N1 hand-foot-mouth virus test passed
  • The antibacterial solution may be used on a variety of materials, including PP, PVC, PE, stainless steel, aluminum, tile, and so on
  • In institutions such as hospitals, beauty clinics, nursing homes, and veterinary hospitals, antibacterial solutions proved to be the most effective
  • Antibacterial products for home and nursing home hygiene

Putting things into perspective

For further reassurance of your safety, it’s important not to get carried away, do bear in mind that, in some counties, there have been more road vehicle fatalities than there have been deaths on the back of the worldwide/global killer disease, hopefully, that serves as some kind of reassurance that the human race is not going to be disappearing overnight and that, you should be ok.

Even so, be safe, to be sure

If you find yourself getting worried or feeling anxious at any time, then coming back and using this information as a reminder could be a wise idea.  In the best interests of most people’s mental health and, to clarify, you stand more chance of being mowed down by a lunatic driver than you are of dying from anything else, shortly.

That is not to say that there haven’t been a large number of extremely sick people, some of which, unfortunately, didn’t quite make it, leaving us, perhaps a little too early. And, who’s to know, if they had done something defiantly in terms of their hygiene or general attitude when it comes to taking precautions, maybe, just maybe they would still be here to tell the tale.

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