The Future of Solar Energy Is Bright: What You Should Know

Alternative energy is the way of the future, and solar energy is no exception!

The future of solar is bright, but maybe you are not familiar with what the benefits of solar energy are or what future solar technology may look like.

Not to worry! Here is what you should know about the future of solar.

Benefits of Solar Energy

There are so many benefits of solar energy usage. Are you still not sure about investing in solar energy? Let’s break the benefits down.

Job Growth and Security

The booming industry of designing and installing solar panels means that the solar energy job market is booming.

In late 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were nearly 350,000 jobs in solar electricity. Because the pandemic has stalled the U.S. economy some, jobs in solar energy would allow the country to revamp its workforce, while at the same time taking a serious focus on renewable energy nationwide.

That’s Right: It’s Renewable

Solar energy is one of many renewable resources humans can use. This means that as long as you have solar panels taking in sunlight, they can be converted for endless energy.

Not only is climate change here to stay, but using less wasteful resources will help the planet out in the long run.

So, go ahead and get that solar installation today!

The Government Incentivizes Solar Energy

The government is all-in on the future of solar too! Did you know that the government created an incentive for those who have solar panels?

That’s right: the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a government program. It not only helps you write off solar energy on your taxes but also encourages larger companies to invest in solar energy as well.

Future Solar Technology

The future of solar technology is, as said before, bright! Here are some things to look forward to as solar technology grows.

Solar Fabric

Scientists are researching how fabric can retain solar energy so that you can have it wherever you go! Whether in your coat, powering your phone, or whatever you might need.

Solar Farms

The most feasible thing you can see developing for future solar technology is that of solar farms.

In technical terms, these are called “floatovoltaics.” This refers to the fact that the photovoltaic panels are floating above land, ideally placed above a body of water.

They may even be able to help with water management too.

Customizable Technology

Future solar technology will likely be more customizable than it is today. Thanks to all of the smartphone applications available, you may be able to change the settings of your solar energy technology from your phone.

The Future of Solar Is Here

The future of solar energy is here. There are so many benefits and new technologies to solar energy. Get on board and join the movement for more eco-friendly energy!

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