The Good, Bad, And Color of Dying Your Hairs

Men dye their beards for different reasons. Some younger men dye for fashion and to fit in a peer class. If only they knew greys would soon catch up with them, they’d be cool with their natural hair color.

As men hit their forties, the first few strands of greys start showing. It is annoying learning that your natural hair color is receding and age is catching up with you. Nonetheless, you can embrace grey hair with beard tint and look stylish and unique.

You can gracefully age by tinting your beard with dye and define your look in your maturity. Whatever the reason you resort to dying your beard, you need to learn a few basic things to help you remain in charge of your looks.

Why dye your beard? 

As mentioned already, different people dye their hair for various reasons.  Men will dye because:

  1. Not ready for the silvery strands- applying dye is a temporary solution to hide the unwanted greys on your face.
  • To maintain a consistent color code- the grey hair strands begin showing on the head before the beard. Men dye their beards to hide the silvery strand on the beard to match the color code of the strands on the head.
  • It’s trendy- celebrities adorn crazy beard tints to look stylish and unique. Some of them use their hair color as a brand. Therefore, some men will dye their beards to fit the urban trend.
  • Uniqueness– color is beautiful and can give the male gender a spark. Some men will dye their beards to match a color theme for their dressing code or to complement a new haircut.

Factors To Consider Before You Apply Dye

Hair dye is a temporary solution to cover your grey strands. Dye are chemicals that can react to your skin. It would help to understand a few things before you begin;

  • Read the packaging box and decide if you’re okay with the chemicals used to make the dye. Some compounds may be too harsh on you; therefore, test the reaction of the dye on a small part of your skin and check after 24 hours. 
  • Choose the right tone for your beard- beard dyes come in different colors. Choose the most appropriate color and shade for your look. Decide how unique you want to look, and go for your favorite shade.

How To Choose Beard Hair Color

Some dye shades complement your natural hair color. It would help to pick a shade that’s close to your natural hair color. Talk to your barber or a hairstylist to help you choose the most appropriate shade for your personality. You’ll always be safe remaining on the lighter side of the beard dye.

 Consider the application method. The extent of the silvery strands should determine the intensity of the beard dye. A light application is okay If the greys are few and far apart. If the greys are many, you need to increase the intensity of the dye.

Take away

Men dye their beards for different reasons. Always test the reaction of the dye on a small part of your body and go full throttle if there’s no reaction. Read the package instructions to learn about the application method. Stand out in your new look!

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